Which is the best mattress? Definitely Sealy's

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My Sealy adventure was a great exploratory journey, and has truly made me appreciate what a good bed should be like. In the beginning, it took me a while to get used to my bed, there was some tossing and turning before falling asleep, waking up with a stiff neck because of my incompatible pillow and trying new sleeping positions.

Despite the initial adjustment, one thing was still certain - I woke up feeling refreshed.

After my body adjusted to my Sealy, I was so comfortable that I would fall asleep almost immediately after my head touched my pillow. I even tried playing with my phone to try and see how long I could stay awake but once I closed my eyes for a bit... I drifted off to sleepland.

Photo credits to Sealy Singapore
Sealy's Posturepedic matresses are specifically engineered to give you the ultimate comfort with their unsurpassed quality and support that lasts years. It's UniCased plank is a shock absorber and distributes your weight and pressure which keeps your body aligned while you sleep.

On my old mattress, I used to wake up randomly in the middle of the night just because my back hurt. I've stopped having that problem every since I switched to my Sealy, and I know that every night while I'm resting, my body is getting the perfect balance of support, comfort and durability, manufactured and tested to the highest standards :)

This journey brought me through bedsheet shopping, room re-designing, to cleaning a stain off my mattress (naughty Squishy!!) and now I know that I'm a converted Sealy fan for life.

I spent many hours researching possible and interesting information that people would like to know about , and did you know that sleeping on your back with your arms at your side is generally considered to be the best sleeping position for spine health and it’s good for your neck, too? (as long as you don’t use too many pillows) However, people who sleep on their backs usually snore more than other positions and may cause sleep apnea.

I usually alternate between sleeping on my left and right side, but sleeping on either side has implications too. Sleeping on the right side can worsen heartburn while sleeping on the left side can put strain on internal organs like the liver, lungs, and stomach (while minimizing acid reflux).

I like how Sealy has a wide range of beds available in a range of comfort feels to suit your needs and preferences. Prefer a softer bed? Don't want a bed with memory foam? Head on to their flagship store and try the beds for yourself, choosing the right bed is so important to help you feel energised and ready to face the day, plus you deserve the ultimate night's sleep.

Leaving you with this infographic I found off the internet for people who experience pains when they sleep or are on the bed. Enjoy!

Sealy Sleep Palace 
91 Tanglin Road (near Orchard MRT!)
Tanglin Place #01-02
Singapore 247918

Tel: 6235 3166 
Opening Hours: 
10.00am - 9.00pm (Mon to Thu)
10.00am – 9.30pm (Fri to Sun)
Facebook page:

Thank you for following me on my Sealy Adventure, and thank you Sealy!

PSST! Check out Sealy's island wide promotion and find out how rigorous their research and development tests are before they are released to the public!

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