Eddie Peng Yuyan (彭于晏) at Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2014, Singapore Turf Club

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Sunday, 16th November 2014 is a date to remember. It was one of the most anticipated and prestigious equestrian race in Asia, the one and only, Longines Gold Cup.

As testament to its high profile event, the guest of honour was no other than His Execellency, President Tony Tan, accompanied by other esteemed guests, the Vice President of Longines, Mr Juan-Carlos Capelli AND Longines Ambassador of Elegance, Eddie Peng (彭于晏), who flew in from Taiwan just for the weekend.

Dating back to 1924, the Longines Singapore Gold Cup is now back in Singapore for its 5th run, and is also designated as Singapore Turf Club's Annual Charity Race Day.

Sure we may be table no 40 but we were right in front of the stage and the vip table!! :D

We were at the committee box this time, and the vibe there was more polished and refined, so we dressed up for the part.

With Daniel from Oneclickwonders, Dawn Yang, Hayley Woo and Hpility

The sky was threatening rain but we were very lucky to have escaped wrath!

The races that day were all named by the club to reflect their commitment to charities. Taught Hayley how to bet at the races, you win some, you lose some. Love the adrenaline though!!

There was a private charity auction with a collection of seven beautifully handcrafted hats, and proceeds went to the Rainbow Charity, a charity which provides education and training for children with special needs.

These GORGEOUS pieces were up for auction. Glad I managed to snap a picture of them before they were snagged. Check out that peacock one! Starting bid price for these bespoke fascinators were $688 EACH. Definitely for those who like to dress to impress.

Highlight of this post: Pictures of 彭于晏, Eddie Peng, who is really gorgeous please. If you don't already know who he is, he has been in recent box office hits like Unbeatable and a highly anticipated movie, Rise of the Legend. He was born in Taipei but grew up in Canada, and is fluent in English!

Suave, good-looking, killer smile, perfectly positioned dimple, this guy's charisma is off the charts. All the ladies, young and old, were fawning over his 1.82m frame.

Eddie gave us a speech and sat down for a bit until...

Our president arrived!!

Hello Mr President. I want to visit the Istana one day.

The biggest race of the day, race 10 - had a S$1.35 million prize money, and of course, we wouldn't have missed that for the world! I bet 3 horses to place (come in first, second or third) and one of my horses came in FIRST!! Too bad I didn't bet win, or my winnings would've been much more!! 

(Source: here)

Gambling is addictive but it's important to know when to stop, and set a limit before you even start.

All the donations collected that day amounted to $241,616! Congratulations!! The funds raised are matched dollar for dollar by the Government under the Care & Share Movement.

Photo you've all been waiting for...

A group shot with 彭于晏, aka Eddie Peng aka Peng Yu Yan! I know it looks like we're really close but it's the angle okay, there was no physical contact at all! Also, there wasn't much space for me to move lol.

If you're looking for a place to hold a corporate event or host important guests, I highly recommend the Singapore Turf Club! They have a multitude of rooms to suit your needs for sure :)

Ending off with a sweet picture of Hayley. Will be posting my very own hat (fascinator) tutorial soon!!

Thanks Jessie and Jasmine for the invite XOXO
Special shoutout to Tiffany and FLY Entertainment crew for helping us grab 1min of Eddie's time for a photo!! Totally made our day *starstruck eyes*

PS: The press kit is super pretty, the quality of the folder, to the complimentary pen, binoculars and portable charger, even the thumbdrive for the press materials are all world class. Thanks Longines, I want to own my own watch from you one day.

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