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Activate! with EZ-Link!

Have any of you, like me, misplaced your EZ-Link card before?  I hate the panic process after, especially when I JUST topped up my card, and after telling my mother that I misplaced it, she scolds me and remarks that I'm throwing free money away.


Now there's a solution to that problem, AND lots of other conveniences that come along with it! No more 'sian' face whenever I lose my EZ-Link card!! Just imagine, you can RECOVER the amount you lost, and more!

In fact, I'm actually happy because I get to enjoy great deals and discounts with my Ez-Link card after signing up!!

The solution - Activate!

Recently, Ez-Link created this programme called 'Activate!' which, after registration, provides many value-added, complimentary services to card holders, like recovering your money, checking transaction history etc!

**Note that ‘Activate!’ only applies to adult ez-link cards issued by EZ-Link and does not apply to concession cards issued by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). 

Let me explain the benefits so you'll get a clearer picture, or if you're already convinced, just skip ahead to find out how to register!

1) Recover your money when you've lost your card
If you've lost your EZ-Link card, you can block usage of your card and recover the value that was on your card after it's been effectively blocked!

If you've lost your card, click here to find out what you have to do to block any further transactions from going through! Once your card has been blocked, you can proceed to obtain a refund for your card balance, if you follow the instructions here.

Plus, should there be unauthorised usage of funds between the time the customer calls EZ-Link to block their card and before the card is successfully blocked, EZ-Protect provides an additional safeguard of up to SGD 10. I feel extra safe about my EZ-Link card now!

Under EZ-Manage, all card holders can register up to three ez-link cards at one time, so be sure to register to be able to enjoy these perks and protect yourself from unauthorized usage of your card!

2) Monitoring your expenditure
I don't know about you, but I never monitor my transport spending. If I travel from Orchard to Raffles place and it's supposed to be, say $2, I never actually checked that there was a $2 deduction on my card.

And don't even mention 'transfer' discounts when you take the train, then a bus. I just completely relied and trusted the calculations. I wouldn't even know if I've been charged more on a ride, which isn't very healthy, but there was just no convenient way to monitor it.

Enjoying travellator time, not worrying about train fare amounts

However, after registering with ‘Activate!', I'm able to check my transaction history for up to three months, on the EZ-Link mobile app or on the website. This allows me to track my expenditure, and notice when I've been charged a different amount if I've always been taking the same route!

I can even opt to see my expenditure in graph form!! 

This is not limited to JUST transport charges, but when you use your EZ-Link card to pay for any services (eg, taxi fares) at places that accept EZ-Link payment.

Now, I can find out how often I've been topping up my EZ-Link card, and how much I spend on average on transport and other amenities!

This is really useful because the checking of transaction history was previously only available at the General Ticketing Machine (GTM) or Add Value Machine (AVM) at MRT stations, which usually has long queues or is 'out of the way' so I never bothered to check.

I took the train at several times yesterday, it's kinda like stalking myself lol.

Note: As I just registered, you can't see my past 30 days transaction history, only up to yesterday's transactions. So here's my travel times and amounts yesterday!

Oh, and looking at my balance amount reminds me that I need to top-up my Ez-Link card tomorrow. Hehe.

3) Discounts and promotions!

Look out for discounts and promotions from EZ-Link and its merchants, that are exclusively for Activate! members!

If that's not enough, get this.

Ez-link cardholders who register with Activate! will stand a chance to win up to S$3,000 worth of CapitaLand vouchers. (Terms and conditions apply.)

So what're you waiting for?? Register now!

How to register?

To enjoy all the benefits of ‘Activate!’,  register online for free at, or by signing up via the EZ-Link app available at the iTunes App and Google Play store. Just search 'EZ-Link' in your app store and download away to use it while you're on the go!

Click 'Register here now!" on the right column.

Fill in your details!

What's my EZ-Link CAN number?

See the red boxed up portion? Your EZ-link CAN number is the 16-digit unique serial number on the back!
I have blurred out mine because mine has already been registered :)

After the system has verified your EZ-link number, an sms with your one time password will be sent to your phone! (remember to follow the upper and lower case alphabets!)

Next, you'll need to fill in your postal code etc, and there is a check box for free insurance over your ez-link card, which I ticked, and I recommend that you guys check it too!

What it means, in essence, is that you get to claim up to $10 for your lost card once a year. Of course, more terms and conditions apply. I checked it because, getting reimbursed for losing your ez-link card sounds like a good deal to me!

Once you've registered, you're good to go! Play around with the features and let me know what you think!

Share Activate! with your friends now!!
Register for a chance to win up to $3,000 of Capitaland vouchers at today!

Thank you Tricia and EZ-Link!

FIJI Water and Laneway Festival Singapore Pre-Festival Psyche

I am superrr psyched!! 
Been wanting to immerse myself in indie music since I got back from London last year (Sept) but I have barely started. I like The Temper Trap - Sweet Dispositions so if you're interested, have a good listen!

I've heard so much about the Laneway Festival from my indie music loving friends, Sid and Candice, so when FIJI Water contacted me to give me a pair of tickets to attend the festival, I immediately said YES.

The line up is super exciting and this is my first time attending a music festival in Singapore!
To find out more, here's the Facebook Page

Thereafter, I checked Laneway Festival's Facebook page and found that I had even more friends going!! What's a festival without pals who enjoy the whole atmosphere and love the music right? 

Not to worry about lugging bottles of water to the event because FIJI Water will have 4 stations well-stocked with bottles for your convenience!!

Check out some of the pictures taken at last year's festival, credits to FoodNews PR.

PLUS, on that day itself, there will be a photo competition held by FIJI Water, where representatives will roam the grounds with special props that festival-goers can pose with for their photos! Just tag your pictures with #FIJIWaterLanewaySG and you might just win one of the 10 autographed Laneway photos!

For those who can't make it for the festival, FIJI Water will be holding a pre festival giveaway on Twitter with 10 exclusive Laneway Festvial T-shirts. Simply follow and retweet @FIJIWaterSG for a chance to win!

Awesome because you can have a blast AND not worry about being dehydrated because FIJI Water is there to save us from the heat.

Thanks FIJI Water and FoodNews PR, am so excited I'm going shopping for some indie street style clothes this weekend hehe. I am also going to create a playlist to loop songs from the bands to prepare myself for next Saturday!

See you guys there!

Vintage Lomo shots from my La Sadina, compliments from

Here are the pictures from my new Lomo camera that I took the other day at the 's new iPad app launch event! Of course, not all pictures turned out nice and I filtered out the ones that were too freaky or dark. Enjoy! :)

The best feature about the La Sadina is that you can layer images onto your original shot! OF course, you don't know how it'll turn out until it develops... While looking at the pictures, try to guess what I used as a layer reference (if any) before you scroll down to read the caption!

To achieve the best overlay effect, take the darker picture first, then a lighter texture effect. Really loving how some of my pictures turned out!

All the shots in this post were taken WITHOUT FLASH and UNEDITED. I have bought the batteries for my flash so the next time I bring my cam out, I'll be able to do indoor shots!

The very first shot, the overlay is a mural you can see below! Liking the flame burn due to the exposure to light. Haven't seen one of those in ages.


Absolutely LOVE how this turned out!! The floral print was from tiles of a shophouse I found. I'm glad the government preserved these heritage shophouses because it reminds us of our history and they're so vintage!

Normal shot with Mel. Trying out the portrait closeup, which is a ladybug icon. 
(looks like a fly tho)

Mentioned in a previous blogpost that Mel and I were secondary school classmates! Had fun reminiscing some old times with her on that day :)
Look where we are now, in the working world yet having fun over the weekends!

Back alley, back to the good ol' days.

Stephanie saw two candles so I thought I'd play with another overlay effect.

If you look closely, this photo was supposed to have an overlay!!! Guess my first photo was too bright (the background shot) so you can't see it. I actually took a photo of a board with numbers on it. Oh well, we learn!

This is the mural I was talking about earlier! Used this for one of my textures.

Mel and I again, this time, pouting!

The diamond in the middle is actually a bar's logo. Like the faded effect on this one.

Again, another tile I saw on the floor. Like the rustic feel to this shot! Feel's like we're in the 50s again.

A plant with some flowers hahaha.

Normal shot of the road.

Can't remember but I think this was a tile too. The item on the right is a letterbox, if you're too young to not have seen these before :P

If you were this tiny, your perception of the world would be different.

Too dark!! Urgh!!

Am really pleased with myself!! The Ying yang is also a shop's logo but I layered it with a checkered background. It could've screwed up but the blend is perfect. :) Like they say, just shoot, don't think!

With the girls, Becks, Shenny, me and Mel and our new cams!

After we finished our roll of film, the lomography shop collected them and told us that they will be sent to Taiwan for processing and we received the scans 2 weeks later! Which is why I was able to obtain the soft copies and upload them here easily.

Thanks once again for my new cam the La Sadina, and be sure to check out their new rewards program where you get ONE NIGHT FREE for every 10 nightstays you book with them! (Terms and conditions apply.) 

Check out their super cool iPad app because the interface is soo user-friendly and convenient. After looking at the shots from my lomo I feel inspired to start shooting again! Let me know which is your favourite shot? All looks obtained are purely tyco and coincidental hahah.

Photologue: Lush Spa

For the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Premiere :)

Photologue: Hidden corner in the East



Sticky date pudding

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