Vintage Lomo shots from my La Sadina, compliments from

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Here are the pictures from my new Lomo camera that I took the other day at the 's new iPad app launch event! Of course, not all pictures turned out nice and I filtered out the ones that were too freaky or dark. Enjoy! :)

The best feature about the La Sadina is that you can layer images onto your original shot! OF course, you don't know how it'll turn out until it develops... While looking at the pictures, try to guess what I used as a layer reference (if any) before you scroll down to read the caption!

To achieve the best overlay effect, take the darker picture first, then a lighter texture effect. Really loving how some of my pictures turned out!

All the shots in this post were taken WITHOUT FLASH and UNEDITED. I have bought the batteries for my flash so the next time I bring my cam out, I'll be able to do indoor shots!

The very first shot, the overlay is a mural you can see below! Liking the flame burn due to the exposure to light. Haven't seen one of those in ages.


Absolutely LOVE how this turned out!! The floral print was from tiles of a shophouse I found. I'm glad the government preserved these heritage shophouses because it reminds us of our history and they're so vintage!

Normal shot with Mel. Trying out the portrait closeup, which is a ladybug icon. 
(looks like a fly tho)

Mentioned in a previous blogpost that Mel and I were secondary school classmates! Had fun reminiscing some old times with her on that day :)
Look where we are now, in the working world yet having fun over the weekends!

Back alley, back to the good ol' days.

Stephanie saw two candles so I thought I'd play with another overlay effect.

If you look closely, this photo was supposed to have an overlay!!! Guess my first photo was too bright (the background shot) so you can't see it. I actually took a photo of a board with numbers on it. Oh well, we learn!

This is the mural I was talking about earlier! Used this for one of my textures.

Mel and I again, this time, pouting!

The diamond in the middle is actually a bar's logo. Like the faded effect on this one.

Again, another tile I saw on the floor. Like the rustic feel to this shot! Feel's like we're in the 50s again.

A plant with some flowers hahaha.

Normal shot of the road.

Can't remember but I think this was a tile too. The item on the right is a letterbox, if you're too young to not have seen these before :P

If you were this tiny, your perception of the world would be different.

Too dark!! Urgh!!

Am really pleased with myself!! The Ying yang is also a shop's logo but I layered it with a checkered background. It could've screwed up but the blend is perfect. :) Like they say, just shoot, don't think!

With the girls, Becks, Shenny, me and Mel and our new cams!

After we finished our roll of film, the lomography shop collected them and told us that they will be sent to Taiwan for processing and we received the scans 2 weeks later! Which is why I was able to obtain the soft copies and upload them here easily.

Thanks once again for my new cam the La Sadina, and be sure to check out their new rewards program where you get ONE NIGHT FREE for every 10 nightstays you book with them! (Terms and conditions apply.) 

Check out their super cool iPad app because the interface is soo user-friendly and convenient. After looking at the shots from my lomo I feel inspired to start shooting again! Let me know which is your favourite shot? All looks obtained are purely tyco and coincidental hahah.

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