Stinky Perfume and Noisy kids.

8:44 PM claire 0 Comments

I can't stand people who use cheap perfume and spray SO MUCH until you can smell them a mile away, and WORSE still, it irritates your nose and you start sniffling.

Or pinching your nose to PREVENT sniffling.

It's horrible. I had to endure the entire mass like that. And it was because of the woman in front of me. It was really bad. I was considering switching places with my brother but it'll be too obvious.

So please, either use deodorant or expensive perfume/cologne. Please be considerate. Urgh.

And I cannot take it when I see screaming kids on trains. They should be FINED. That's even more inconsiderate than people EATING ON THE TRAIN. Goodness.

It prevents me from wanting to have kids. Or even if I have kids, I make sure I smack them and ask them to shutup. It's the only way they'll learn!

Ok, need to start packing the table. It's superrrrrr messy.

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