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I have just checked my calendar to find out that my exams end on the 24th of November. WOOHOO.

Which means I have a month of holiday! (December) I love long holidays.

Anyway, recess week is coming soon, and that's my only break until 24th of Nov, so I must balance work and play well.

I need to go shopping! And I also have to clear a huge backlog of tutorials that I didn't do or don't understand (ie, leases. WTH IS GOING ON?!)

And I think I am finally recovering from that nasty cough! Maybe it's because I actually REALLY stopped drinking cold drinks and eating fried things that I shouldn't eat. Teehee.

Last night I had a strange dream. Can't really remember much anymore, but I woke up feeling strange and wondering why I let good friends slip in contact from me. But we get separated in life, and it gets hard to find time for everyone to meet!

Never mind, I shall stop thinking about good friends meeting, and instead think of what I shall buy for myself to pamper ME. Hoho.

I bought a pair of heels!
I want new clothes!
I think I need a backpack, but only for this sem?
I want to check out new cosmetics. Haha. Just for kicks. I need a formal lipstick anyways.

And this week I have...
Company Law presentation!
Tax Quiz!
Deadline for IT Project coming!
Need to read leases! :(
Need to read Forensic Science stuff because there is a mock test.

Thank god tomorrow is a holiday. Well, sorta? Because I still have e-learning for IT anyways.
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