How I met... Wong.

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"Wong come to Canteen twee ok!"
"Ok! See you guys there!"
** Twee is pronounced as Twea.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Wong misinterpreted the message as Canteen A (it sounds like A) but Mandy meant it as Canteen 2 (which is twee in dutch).

Wong walks all the way to Canteen A, only to find J and C eating subway together.

"Hey J! Where's Mandy and Jois?"
"They're at Canteen 2!"
"Oh. Oh shit man!"

Hahahahhah. Funniest. Shit. Ever.

What makes it funnier was that Cherlyn bumped into Wong the day before, and thought he was kinda cute. And she told J that he was cute, and W told J that he saw a cute girl the same day. J put two and two together and all of us laughed our butts off.

The beginning! Haha.
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