Let me tell you a secret.

10:41 PM claire 0 Comments

I am talking to Nellie on msn (omg it's been ages) and we are chatting about our schools blabla.

So, let me tell you a secret, that some may know, some may not know. I shall not mention schools because it is google-able, but...

on weekends, people from X and Y university go to Z university to study or have project meetings.

Why? Because Z is in town. It is central. It is in CITY HALL. Can you guess? It's pretty obvious!

And I just had to confess it because yesterday, when I was at Z myself, my groupmates recognized at least 3 tables behind us who were also from our school, and when I saw Terri walking past, she also said she is here to do her project meeting!

What a coincidence! Or not?

Perks of having a university in town. It's awesome. Thank you!
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