Pet Peeves.

2:29 PM claire 2 Comments

What is your pet peeve? Or rather, what ARE your pet peeves? Haha.

Here are some of mine. And some of my colleagues. Haha!

I hate it when people sneeze without covering their mouths/noses with something (hands are ok, but you better wash your hands before you touch me)

Nurul HATES people who chew with that .. sound. Just like how Wong hates it too! Wow. It doesn't really annoy me THAT much, but after Wong kept complaining about it, I've started realizing it more often.

I also hate it when people blow smoke in my FACE. Like yesterday when fat Des did it to me. I almost punched him.

Also, you know, when you travel down Orchard or something, and guys like to do that sucking sound with their lips to get other people's attention. HATE IT. Why can't you call people by their names? Calling them by sound is just plain rude.

Sarah hates people who snore. Haha!

I can't stand people who do PDA in trains, buses, everywhere. The most traumatising thing that happened to me was that I was in the train, this teenage couple in front of me were PDA-ing until they got off, just when I thought my hell was over, this like 60 year old couple came and the woman was all over the guy. disgusting. Keep your hands to yourself people. Or do it in PRIVATE. Urgh.

Also can't stand people who drag their feet. Lift your feet people, walk properly people. Attend etiquette courses please.

And I sound like a whiny bitch who likes to complain, but I just wanted to share my pet peeves. If you have some too, feel free to add on by commenting.
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