Halfway around the world, and it still can be felt.

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ALOT of drama happened in Year 1 Semester 2, you have no idea. One day I will blog it out properly, or I'll just decide to write a book. It is THAT long, THAT complicated.

There are many reasons why I'd prefer NOT to stay in hall this semester. Too many memories, which should be left in the Hall 8, Blk **-*-*** room, and staying in that room will just remind me of everything, and miss everyone much more.

Next semester will be different. I will have to travel 1.5hours to and from school, and Cherlyn may not be there, Vijay won't be there, I'm planning to get my time-table by myself..

It'll be like going to a new school.. sorta. Thanks for the memories guys. I loved the 5am chats, the sound of people playing mahjong downstairs, my very own small staircase, the valentine's day and birthday surprises, chinese new year louhei in my room!

Yeahhhh. And of course, all the people dropping by randomly. Thank you. :) All of you made my semester more interesting! And there are some things I regret, most things, I treasure. If you know what I mean! :P

Let's just say that I know it was purposely put on facebook, because that's where the world can view it, and let's just say that the effect can still be felt halfway around the world. But I swear, I will not let anything affect me.. soon. Why does it still affect me?! I don't know.

Chapter closed.
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