Can't even drink WATER on a train.

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This is infuriating. It has been bugging me for quite a long period of time already but I just haven't had the time to sit down and rant about it.

But I do now!

If you didn't already know, SMRT has banned even the consumption of WATER on trains!

The only thing I can respond to that is... WHY?!?!

Is it because they want the place to be CLEAN? But it is already so clean! And even if people spill water, it will evaporate. Ants will NOT come (compare to spilling coke) and I honestly haven't seen anyone spill anything or leave anything or drop anything on the trains in very very very long. In fact, the only thing I see that sometimes people leave behind is tissue. I don't even see water spills.

Especially for poor me, who has been coughing every 5 minutes, and taking a super long train ride from Yishun to freaking Boon Lay (45 mins, thanks) and I am not even allowed to drink a sip of water to ease my throat which is screaming "I NEED WATER OMG"

And what about crying babies who need milk. Are we supposed to get OFF the train, get OUT of the station, then put the bottle in the baby's mouth? The poor kid would've turned RED from all the crying and would've annoyed a whole bunch of people on the way there too.

Not like ranting this will make things much better, but still. I am annoyed.

Countries like Japan and Korea allow the consumption of BOTH food AND drinks leh. Yes, yes argue and say it's because the train journies are longer. (ie from city to city) but within Seoul and Tokyo itself I see people eating and drinking what!

I say, SMRT should fine the people who LEAVE LITTER BEHIND INSTEAD! Or make it so that it is the person who wet/dirtied the train who has the responsibility to report to the control crew that he/she has spilt something.

Argh. On another note, school sucks. I want holidays.
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