Almost 20 years old. Sobs.

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I am almost 20. Sobs. I am waving good bye to teenage days and supposedly welcoming the adult life. The life of responsibility and maturity. Sniff.

What happened the past year? Hmmm.

Well, last year Cherlyn surprised me (with a few other pals) with a cake at midnight. My first midnight surprise ever! (yes yes deprived etc) and we chatted until 4am. I had an IT quiz at 9am the next day and I got 50/100. HAHA.

Birthday was alright. Japan was amazing. I will definitely go back!! Christmas surprise (I touched down on the 25th of Dec at like 1.25am. Spent Christmas on the plane) was happy. Celebrating with the family and relatives as usual.

January to April... Semester Two! Was... interesting. Living in hall was relaxing, didn't need to wake up at 6?!?!?! And I looked forward to every single day. Because it was so slack. I actually SWAM in the Sports Hall pool. Wow. My cores weren't very packed. I had a four day week. Most importantly, I didn't give tuition.

I was rarely at home though. But it was okay. Cherlyn was an awesome roomie. Falling sick the entire Feb and part of March was... memorable, you have to admit. It's not everyday where you wake up and feel like puking sooo bad. And having a fever every alternate week (with the roomie filling in the OTHER alternate weeks) was... omg.

Miss wearing IJ PE shirts or SAJC PE shirts + FBT shorts + slippers to school. Really looked like I just woke up. Haha.

Doing work until 1-2am in the morning and not feeling sleepy at all in class the next day (because I mostly only had morning lessons, which started at 10.30am) Frequenting Macdonalds at 12mn just before it closed... having Cherlyn's ahem give us drinks at 12mn also..... :P (i admit i was a free rider for that)

Of course there are SO MUCH MORE THINGS THAT HAPPENED. For example, watching movies on the laptop til 3-4am... going to play the piano in school... pillow fights... screaming... security guard chasing... woah. This is why you SHOULD stay in hall. Haha.

After school was over, doing Beerfest with Cherlyn... I thank god it wasn't anyone else but you <3 June working... July tuitioning... enjoying life, enjoying each other's company...

Korea... good times...

Then smack! School started. Super stressed. Trying to balance work and play and life and tuition. Dying of stress, unable to catch up with tutorials, but still happy from just making someone smile...

I'd say being 19 rocks. Being 20 is one step closer to the big 2-1, but I still have an excuse to be immature. HAHA.

So much more pressure to be 21. But let's not think about it yet. Haha. 20, here we come! :D
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