In between coughing fits.

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Andrew says I look like I am going to collapse from coughing. HAHA.
Shawn talking about how he went to s*** in the forest during camp and immediately getting 5 mosquito bites on his a**. Hilarious!
Carmelita saying she is going to leave her hair long! SHOCK!
Gerald with a funny t-shirt with two guns pointing downwards. HAHA.
Catching up with Christine. Yay!
Bumping into Masao outside Ion. Went grocery shopping for Japanese food. Eye-opening!
Making Kenny laugh because I started 'dancing' in Burger King. Hee!

but the cough is not getting better!

And people are asking me, "How is school?"
I reply, "well, it's only the 3rd week and I'm sick. What does that tell you?"

Haha, I'll be fine soon. Pray for me! :)
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