If things were different...

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Sorry, school killed me. Literally. 3 presentations this week results in a stack of readings un-read, eye bags, eye rings, fatigue, homework, and stomach discomfort. Urgh.

If things were different. Not saying I am regretting things now, but still. Was just wondering some time ago.

Two scenarios!

First scenario, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, my alarm would ring, and I'd automatically switch it to 'Snooze' and laze on my bed for just a while longer. Cherlyn's alarm rings. She switches it off. We both lay on the bed and snuggle in the comforts of our respective blankets and pillows and finally, one of us will get up and get ready for school.

Because we will have Company Law class together. And we would be in the same class together. How interesting to be working with my rommie! People would be in our rooms when we get ready for presentations.

Classes that end at 4.30pm.... Going back to Hall 8, sleeping for an hour or two, waking up for dinner, doing work... chatting with Cherlyn, sleeping at 1am, chatting with other people, playing with our own respective bears...

This semester we will not have as many guests as we did last semester though! The room is full of memories. (It has been renovated! It looks prettier and is no longer grey) Too many things have happened in that room, happy and sad memories! But part and parcel of life anyways.


Option 2

Sitting at my desk in my dorm room in Amsterdam right now, tried brownies that tasted really good today, went straight to my head and I can't remember what happened after that, except I was very happy and could not stop smiling. Wong brought me to a really nice japanese restaurant to eat for dinner! Yay. And Kelvin brought me to the famous male reproductive sexual organ museum in amsterdam!

Meeting Darryl and the other Maastrict people during Oktoberfest in Germany!


But my current life has many many merits as well. And as much as I'd like to experience the two options, perhaps they will belong to me another time in the future. :)
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