Siao + Dec Hols 09

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I was speaking to my friend from SMU, will not name her here in case somehow this blog is googled and some people from S-em-Yew will start asking me questions or make me take this down or something.

Anyway, she was lamenting that she knows so many people who are studying this december break. Studying for what? FOR NEXT SEMESTER'S SUBJECTS.

I went, "WHAT?! SIAO!"

And she agreed.

But because of the peer pressure (apparently there's some really smart nice guy who lets people photocopy his notes) she is rushing in line to photocopy senior notes ah (alot of people photocopied from him already)


Let me tell you how I spent my December holidays. Sure, I may not have fully utilized every single day, but bumming around works.

- Watched Dramas.
What dramas exactly? I finished Hot Shots (taiwanese!), watching Liar Game season 2 (its damn good if you like psychological thrillers), Ohitorisama (about this teacher falling in love), Shokujo Seira (about some princess who became a cinderella), what else did I watch? I watched Gokusen 3 THE MOVIE in the theatre. Hmmm, I'm sure I watched more but I can't remember. Caught up with the Gossip Girl episodes i missed out on while I was rushing for projects and stuff. And my Heroes! And How I met your Mother. Should catch up on Ugly betty. I am lagging one entire season.

- Tried to pack my room.
Yes I tried! And right now it is still in a state of mess, but after I finish blogging this entry I will pack it from 3pm to 5pm and afterwhich I will head to my relative's house for prayers and new year's dinnner! Oops I digressed.

- Ate Christmas foodies!
Love gatherings with families because not only do I see and eat good food, I also get to catch up with cousins (who, apart from these celebrations, I do not see during the year at all) But I haven't eaten any christmas log cakes though. Sad. And I haven't gotten a 2010 organizer, which I definitely need, to keep track of tuitions + project meetings and what not. I am digressing AGAIN.

- Quite happy with my tuition kid's results.
They look quite happy too! But I know I must push them harder so they can achieve better results. The girls' vocab needs to be improved but she is so lazy!

- Went to Malacca for the weekend!
With family! I acted like a tourist and took pictures, visited all the tourist spots, and saw my ANCESTOR's NAME on this plague because she donated money to the church or something. Try and see if you can find it :P And I ate lotsa good food and was happy, even though I slept quite little because of my cough.

- Ooh I almost forgot, I had a bad cough. Haha. But it's gone now! And i didn't even see the doctor! Woohoo!

- Cindy did a merlion on me. It was gross. Ok she did not PUKE on me, but she choked on her green tea and she blerughshdhh it all out. On the table la. I wasn't the target. Thankfully. She told me that she once choked and splurted on mel. And mel was damn pissed. I'd be damn pissed also la. I saw the range of her splurt. Haha!

- Walked from Wheelock to Dhoby! I kind of like doing that.

- Sang Christmas songs in Church. I like doing that. And thankfully my cough was mostly gone so I could actually sing and sound would come out.

- Met up with my JC pals and some friends!

- Gave tuition

- Rachel went to America/Canada! (America first then Canada later)

- Was part of the Youth Olympic Games Friendship Camp. Super fun, learnt about other cultures, other countries, was great!!

- aaaaaaandddd.. Of course I save the best for last. Went out and spent time with Kenny! Who had to tolerate my long hours of project meetings and lots of studying therefore cannot spend time with him, during the semester. HUGS. I'm still waiting for our next squash game. Hopefully it will be tomorrow. Hur!!
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