A Night At the Musicals With Three Phantoms Review

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Anybody knows me knows I like to sing, and I absolutely love to watch musicals. Two of my top favourites are also the popular favourites - Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber's) and Les Miserables.

So when I saw that Three Phantoms were coming to Singapore to perform, I was psyched to be able to hear great singing once again!

Alistair Barron , Oliver Brereton , Kieran Brown , Earl Carpenter, Marisa McIntyre, David Shannon , Lisa- Anne Wood

I searched online to find reviews or song lists but couldn't find any. The names of the singers revealed extensive musical experiences in Wicked, Mamma Mia etc, so I was kind of expecting all the songs to be from either Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserables or even the signature songs from Cats.

When I reached and saw the line up, I must admit I was pretty disappointed because I didn't know half of the songs from the show:

Here is the line up.

Act 1:

This is the moment from Jekyll & Hyde
Maria from West Side Story
Falling slowly from Once
The Museum Song from Barnum
You can drive a person crazy from Company
Pretty Lady from Pacific Overtures
Beauty and the beast - no explanation needed
Stars - from Les Miserables
I dreamed a dream - Les Miserables
A Heart full of love - Les Miserables
Bring Him Home - Les Miserables
One Day More - Les Miserables

Act 2:
I have dreamed - King and I
I'd Give it all for you - Songs for a new world
The Song that goes like this - Monty Python's Spamalot
Make Him Mine - The Witches of Eastwick
All of my dreams faded suddenly - From Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera
Devil take the hindmost - Love Never Dies
Til I hear you sing - Love Never Dies
The Music Lessons/Phantom Fugue - Maury Yesons' Phantom the American Sensation
Music of the Night - Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera

I only knew 9 songs - and if you look closely - There is only ONE song from Andrew Llyod Webber's Phantom of the Opera!

Couldn't believe it. The main draw was the headline of Three Phantoms therefore of course we would expect majority of the songs from Phantom!

What is also infuriating is that the Sistic page actually said this:

"Fans are in for a real treat with this outstanding show that not only features unique backstage insights and anecdotes with songs from musicals such as Les Misérables, Miss Saigon, Mamma Mia!, Cats, We Will Rock You, Chess and Wicked and many more."
There were no songs from Miss Saigon, Mamma Mia, Cats, We Will Rock you or Chess. I didn't even hear 'Defying Gravity' from Wicked or even 'The Phantom Of the Opera'???? Can't believe it.
At the end of the night I also found it pretty rude that no introduction was given for Alistair Barron and the cast attempted to inject some humour by leaving him out. I don't think bullying is a form of humour. Especially when his voice is that good.

Furthermore the entire concert is supported by a pianist and a cellist. Perhaps that's why many of the songs could not be performed, but I guess if you are going to charge SGD 68 to SGD 158 I think you can afford at least some instrumentals or another accompanist.

The sound crew was pretty bad too because some singers were obviously much louder than others but no attempt to adjust them were made. So when they were singing acapella it was very obvious and the blending was just not there. I felt sad for the female singers because they were good but I could barely hear two of them among everyone else.

Verdict: Unless you have time to spare and money to spare I suggest to skip this. Save up for the real musicals when they come to Singapore or travel overseas to watch them.

Anyway with my VIP Ticket I managed to catch a photo with everyone. Guess what? The phantoms were TALKING while the picture was being taken. Talk about being unwilling to be there. And they kept trying to get people to buy tickets again 2 nights in a row (why would we do that??)

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