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You can have all the money in the world but you can't buy health.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not the healthiest person. I don't swear by organic food, eat salads regularly for lunch, abstain from alcohol, whatever.

However, I do try to cut down on sugary treats, I don't snack too often, and try to have a balanced diet. Although I don't play sports regularly, I walk a lot, like I'll walk from Orchard to Dhoby, through shopping malls, until my legs are sore :x

One of the best methods to keep in shape is comedic relief! Laughing til your stomach hurts is healthy in its own way too :)

The secret to staying healthy - eating well!

Being happy also helps you keep healthy, and Nestle has launched the 'Enjoy an Appetite for Life' campaign to promote nutrition, health and wellness through 3 main focal points: 

- Goodness
- Activity
- Togetherness

Since we're talking about food and I'm hungry, let's talk about 'Goodness' in this entry, which is all about eating well to ensure your body gets the nutrients to power your body and help you achieve your best!

If you follow me on instagram, I posted a mission profile for Agent Claire, specially created by Nestle and describes my hair as Barbie doll like and spending quality time with friends and family.  Now that's entirely true! (Except the Barbie bit, can't pull off blonde hair)

Part of the contents was this Nestle cereal in a cute little jar (pictured above) with a friendly reminder to balance meals by adding vegetables or fruits with yogurt. I'm not a huge fan of yogurt but I normally do try to add vegetables and an egg in my Maggi Mee!

Was excited about my cereal so I woke up early one Saturday morning, found a pretty bowl, added fresh milk, and voila! A great start to my morning :) 

Nestle cereal contains whole grains which means you're ingesting vitamins and minerals rich with essential components for a good breakfast! Gotta fill up your stomach and pump your body with energy to last the day.

I also enjoy making a cup of milo, one of my favourite drinks, in the mornings to perk up my day. It contains Protomalt which contains natural carbohydrates and Actigen-E which helps give you the energy you need. It also helps that it tastes sweet, yummy and chocolate-y!

PSST! Did you know that Milo was named after the Greek mythical character Milo, who is well-known for his strength? Well, now you do!

A few days later, Nestle sent me my 'reinforcement' Togetherness package. Here's what's in it!
  • 2x pack of NesCafe Ipoh White Coffee Original premix coffee - 15 sachets each, for a lazier morning ;p
  • Nescafe Gold Pure Soluble Coffee with naturally containing antioxidants, for tastier coffee and less lazy mornings hahah
  • Nestle Coffee mate coffee creamer for richer and creamier coffee - two teaspoons of creamy goodness please!
  • 2x pack of KitKat - 12 pieces each - one of my favourite chocolate wafers I can munch on all day long.
  • Baci Peruginr - dark chocolate hazelnut fondente for those sinful end-of-the-day celebrations yayyyy
Most of Nestle's products are halal, which means our muslim friends can enjoy them too!

Best part about this pack is that I get to share them with my family and friends. My family is crazy over coffee and need to have a cup every morning. They saw the hamper and were so excited they kept bugging me to open it! As for the KitKat, I'll be bringing them to work this week to share with my co-workers :) I like sharing yummy food with the people I care about because that way, they can enjoy them too!

From now til 31 October 2013, LIKE Nestle Singapore's Facebook page to participate in a 'Give-a-basket' contest at the Appetite for Life page! Send virtual baskets of Goodness, Activity or Togetherness to your friends, family, office or even that 'Uncle' or 'Auntie' who is always extra nice to you to get their Appetite for Life going. 

Tell Nestle why these special people in your life need these hampers and the best 18 entries win a real basket weekly! 

In conjunction with their campaign, from now til July 2013, Nestle is giving exclusive gifts with the purchase of $25 worth of Nestle products at participating retail chains like FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant and Sheng Siong.

You might even be lucky enough to walk off with an Appetite for Life hamper if you're spotted shopping at Giant or Sheng Siong in June!

Start your healthy living today with Nestle and grow your Appetite for Life!

Thank you so much Nestle and Melvin! :)

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