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If you take a stroll along Orchard road, or in fact, any part of  Singapore, you'll definitely come across at least 1 person wearing jeans, but have you ever wondered how they even came into existence? 

Initially, Levi's jeans were made for miners, lumberjacks, cowboys and railway workers, because no other fabric at the time could withstand the rough conditions and wear and tear from the demands of their jobs. After a while, the first few jeans started to tear at points of strain (eg around the pockets), and that's when the copper rivets were introduced to increase hardiness and toughness, which created a revelation.

On May 20th, 1873, Levi Strauss and his business partner, Jacob Davis, received their US patent for their blue jeans, which is the official birth date of Levi's jeans. That's 140 years of tradition and heritage that's still surviving today!

Around the 1950's and 1980's, jeans were worn by youth subcultures like rockers and hippies, which took off and spread like wildfire. 

One of the advertisements Levi's put out in the past

Soon after, Levi's began designing other clothing items like shirts, shoes, wallets, watches, and today, we see Levi's as one of the most respected, influential, and essential fashion powerhouses in the world.

Here are the top 3 reasons why I love Levi's-

1) Sexy, versatile and classy - Gotta love them jeans 

“Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young.”
It's true. There's just something about denim, the colour, the shade of blue, the material, that just makes ANYONE wearing it, look much younger than they actually are.

Really brings out the curves in you, if you know what I mean ;)

The first pair of jeans that caught my eye from the Spring/Summer collection were these ombre blue skinny jeans, that fit me like a charm. I love how it transitions from dark blue to light blue naturally, and how it fits my hips perfectly, without leaving any gaps!

TIP: Some jeans might feel tight but remember, if they are slightly stretchy, they will expand upon washing!

One of the great advantages that Levi's has is their wide range of jeans. From straight cuts to skinnies to bootcut, there's something for every preference and you'll be able to find jeans that fit your body shape.

Wearing the right fit of jeans is very important because it can help make your legs look longer, slimmer and sexier! The Levi's staff at the stores are very friendly and will help you find the jeans you so deserve ;)

Plus, their jeans are soo comfortable! I love how I can throw on a pair of jeans and a random t-shirt and still look dressed for the day, especially when I'm out shopping :) As you can tell, I'm loving the ombre look, especially this yellow Levi's Knot Front Tee in Aspen Gold Dip Dye for a casual summer feel. Did you know that each shirt was individually dip dyed? That's Levi's commitment to quality!

You could even throw your boyfriend's tee on and still look presentable and chic! These girly coral pink wedges will put you in a spring mood for sure.

In addition, with the Great Singapore sale now on, you can enjoy huuuge discounts on clothes and accessories!!

The other pair of jeans that caught my eye is this gorgeous Demi curve. On the outside, it looks white with tinted pink. I was curious about the effect, and found out that Levi's achieved this by dying the inner layer pink, which gives the outer layer an illusion of light pink. Pretty cool, eh?

Also found this Watercolour Stripe Tank Top in Diablo Night, which had pretty florals and a light stripe print . I liked the high-low hem, the only qualm was that this was slightly baggy for me at the arm holes, I only wish Levi's brought in XXS sizes because, let's be truthful here, the average Singaporean girl is smaller than the average American girl. :X

Together, this feminine look is presentable and likeable, plus the cotton is lightweight so heat doesn't get absorbed by the fabric. You can also wear these indoors when it's rainy or when the air-conditioning is too cold, it's important to keep your legs warm!

2) Stylish - for girly dates

Not only does Levi's design jeans, but they also also carry dresses and skirts! I picked the Eyelet dress in Cloud dancer (where do they come up with these cute names for all the colours??), grabbed a brown belt, threw on a denim vest (in case you're cold indoors) and now you're ready to head on that date!

Phase 1: Wah you're so annoying and insensitive, how could you say such a thing?!

Phase 2: Okay la, at least you have good dress sense, top to toe in Levi's, like me.

Phase 3: Teeheehee - you're actually quite funny.

Phase 4: aaaand he gets the girl! 

*Disclaimer: May not happen IRL.

 Now, Levi's target market isn't just for cowboys or miners, they're up to date with the latest fashion trends and styles. Check out the unique details on the dress and be sure to check out their newest arrivals for more designs!

3) Casual - for a hot day or a trip to the beach
Next, I picked an outfit to hit the beach with, or for a particularly hot day in Singapore. Yellow is a great colour for summer as the bright colour to freshens you up and makes you look energetic!

I thought this was an ordinary top until I realised my back felt cold indoors. It actually opens! (Note the slit)
I paired this with the popular Superstretch Allover Print Shortie Shorts in Blue Sky, with an adorable graphic print to look less ordinary and yet not gaudy!

Perfect for the beach with your bikini under! ;)
If you're not such a big fan of the slit, this gorgeous multi-coloured top paired with the yellow summer shorts (which is sold out online in US) helps you show off your confidence and style!
Notice how your legs look longer and appear taller? I loooove that the length of the shorts isn't TOO short to expose your buttcheeks, and neither is it TOO long to reduce the effect of longer legs. Wouldn't you agree?
I've learnt so much about the history and tradition of denim and jeans through this campaign and I'd like to thank Levi's and OMY for this amazing opportunity! 

A shoutout especially to the staff at Levi's Raffles City Shopping Centre that endured my camwhoring for several hours hahah and entertained my curious questions.

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