Make up tips and Haraju-cute. Available in Guardian soon!

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Sarah invited me to Haraju-cute's event and it was held at Sun and Moon, one of my favourite Japanese restaurants!! I was kinda hoping that they were gonna serve tofu cheesecake but our dessert was matcha ice cream with azuri beans instead. Oh well, contented! :)

Haraju-cute, which will be sold at Guardian stores, is a range of japanese make-up products so you can achieve all sorts of Japanese-inspired styles! These are THE TOP products selling like hot cakes in Japan! 

We were greeted by this gorgeously cute goodie bags, personalised with a manga version of us! They actually hired a manga artist for this!

 Sat down and Sarah tried the make-up as I attacked the sushi; I was sooo hungry!!

Mango with prawn tempura, unagi with egg etc, avocado with prawn again! Yumm.

Make up products on the table for us to play with that night! Look at how PRETTY they are!! I haven't even used them and I'm already expecting them to be good lol.

The highlight of the event was Larry Yeo teaching us how to use the Japanese make-up products. Will share the tricks below! :P Larry won Elle Singapore’s prestigious Makeup Artist of the Year award in 2009 and is now one of Singapore's skincare and makeup gurus, doing make up and hair for many established brands ;)

This was taken BEFORE I tried the make up on the table! With Sarah LOVE.

Sarah and Clara. Try saying Sarah Clara Claire 5 times repeatedly and really fast. Did you get tongue tied? :P I think saying it Claire Sarah Clara might be a bit tougher. Hmm.

While the demonstration was happening, Sarah also helped me apply some make up hahaha. Loved their eyebrow mascara! (also referred to as eye gel) It suited my natural dark brown hair perfectly!! I found the Dollywink colours to be much lighter.

Sarah also applied mascara for me, and my lashes became really voluminous suddenly O_O Truly convinced about the products that were featured that day. Will do a proper tutorial soon!

Kelly (model for that day)'s completed look!

Okok here's the section you guys have been waiting for. I'm gonna share some of the make up tricks that I've learnt that day from Larry, with you!

Make up tricks

- Fibre eyelid tape: Make sure you apply this first! Before foundation, primer, eyeshadow etc because it's easier to stick and lasts longer. I wanted to make my tapered eyelid parallel, so 1 fibre eyelid tape wasn't strong enough to create a parallel eyelid, hence I had to use 2, directly on top of each other! A trick you can try is to take TWO tapes, open them, and twist them. This increases the strength of the tape!

- Mascara: After taking the wand out, dab the excess on a piece of tissue, wave it in the air 2-3 times to let it dry partially, and then coat your eyelashes with them. For more layers, wait until the previous layer is dry before applying again!

- Highlighting: highlight your T-zone area, don't highlight under your eyes unless you want the puffy look. If you highlight the area just above your chin, you'll look like you're drooling (his words, not mine haha). Hence, just highlight the tiny area directly below your lower lip and a dab below your nose! I'll illustrate this properly when I do a tutorial featuring their products.

- Fake eyelashes: Don't blow them using your mouth so that the glue dries faster! There's bacteria in your mouth and that can transfer onto the eyelash glue and cause eye infections. Instead, just apply a thin layer and wait a while for it to dry.

- Lower eyelashes: Don't apply them directly on your lash line but slightly below it, and push it up. If you apply them on your lash line, it causes your real eyelashes to drop!

- Lip gloss: Apply your favourite shade (eg pink) from center to outwards, then apply a dab of nude in the middle of your lips for a pouty look. I know it may look funny or clumpy, but after a while (because it's liqiud) it will take the shape of your lips. I didn't believe this at first but it happened O_O

- Removing make-up: Instead of swiping your eyes several times, pour the make up remover onto a good quality cotton pad, then press your eye against the cotton pad for about 10 seconds to let the remover work it's magic! Afterwards, swipe in one direction and observe the difference!

Larry also kinda convinced me not to do a nose job by telling me horror stories of how he's seen girls with nose sunken in, or that they have man-noses. =\ *shudders*

Favourite products : Rose of Versailles Eyeliner (I know right, what a cool name), Diamond Beauty Eyebrow Concealer (the mascara), Diamond Nose Makeup, AB Fibre double eyelid tape! Am definitely addicted to their products, especially after seeing my tapered eyelid transform, I feel like using the tape for both my eyes!! :)

I was super happy with my make-up that I went home to cam-whore a little, before I reluctantly removed everything and prepared for bed. Alright now for more pictures of girls.

Snapped a pic w Mirai. Haven't seen her in so long!! Apart from seeing her pictures online haha. Notice my right eyelid looks super pronounced!! And no, I did not draw my eyebrow that long, I think it's a strand of my hair -_-

Met Wendy, Jacklyn and Kelly! Kelly is the model that's captured above haha. They're super kawaii, cute and japanese-like that I felt pale in comparison ._. So I tried to act cute too. Please also notice how my eyebrows are less intense and makes me look sweeter??

Here I met Evonnz! How gorgeous is her hair?!?! I was touching it and it's really smooth. Then Evonnz touched my hair and concluded that I didn't comb my hair >_> How did she know?!?! Imma start combing my hair now.

Of course, had to grab a picture with Nadia (who looks prettier with falsies) and Hayley!

Hayley's face is always so small ._.

Caught up with Esther :)
I think her hair colour really suits her!! :) She caught this crazzzzy picture of me at the's launch ahah can't wait to share it with you guys.

Haraju-Cute concept at Guardian stores islandwide will counter 15 cult brands - just to name a few, Bonavoce, Brigitte, Automatic Beauty (AB), Avance and Egokawa Sweetie. These brands are EXCLUSIVE to Guardian and are available from August 2012!!

From transformative eye make up to BB creams, to facial masks, you'll definitely find something suitable for you in the Haraju-cute corner! 

Can't wait to share the individual products with you guys soon!!

PSST!! Did you guys realise that I added a new widget on the right? Feel free to click play and listen to my amateur singing, no editing at all. Any constructive comments will be appreciated! Thanks! <3 p="p">
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