VanityTrove's August 2012 Edition's Review and Tutorial

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Remember that Erabelle x Vanity Trove event held at Erabelle VivoCity post HERE? I'm gonna share with you what's in August's Vanity Trove surprise!

LOTS of things in your Vanity Trove this month, this is going to be a long entry hahaha. Vanity Trove wants you to be the best you can be (without plastic surgery) so this month's Trove brings you internal boosts, skin perfection, make up products and feminine care!

Vanity Trove's August Rocket Science Beauty Edition

Internal boost
Inside your VanityTrove it contains Brands Innershine Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract and Brands Innershine Prune Essence. I finished both Brands drinks already hahah; I was thirsty!! This drink improves bowel regularity and help relieve constipation. Feel healthier and more radiant with this drink!

Skin Perfection
- Scottish Fine Soaps Company Au Lait Body Milk and Bath and Shower Gel.

Not only does this range have a gorgeous smell, but it's organic milk with shea butter, cocoa butter and Vitamin E to give you SMOOTH skin, is gonna get you addicted!

Get a complimentary travel kit* worth $25 from The Scottish Fine Soaps Company for Vanity Trove Members who purchase at least $100 in a single receipt. Simply mention “VanityTrove” to counter promoters at Takashimaya Department Store, B1 to enjoy this
exclusive offer. Valid for the month of September 2012.

Origins Plantscription range

Using Origin's Cleanser!

The anti-aging serum is the number 1 Anti-ager created from over 5 years of research by
Origins. The serum is clinically proven to have 88% of the visible wrinkle-reducing power of a leading prescription wrinkle ingredient (aka as secret ingredient) without the harmful side effects. Just pat it on your face and neck and let it work its magic!

Sampar Glamour Shot Eyes

  Trove also includes face peels! :)

This product promises to reduce dark circles and blur under-eye wrinkles/fine lines in 1 minute. My eye bags are huge and my eye rings are really dark. So am I convinced?My dark circles didn't COMPLETELY disappear (it would take a miracle) and I didn't really see a noticeable difference. Will apply this every day until I run out before I decide :P

How to use: Dab a bit of product under the eye.  Lightly tap with 4th finger until the product is completely absorbed.

Test out and redeem this miracle-worker with the card found in your August trove from 1st to 19th August 2012 at Robinsons Centrepoint SAMPAR Counter!

Where to buy:

$54 for 10ml at Robinsons Centrepoint or

A Morillins therapeutic mask

 I think I look freaky here. But nvm. For the love of beauty blogging! But I made this picture small so you don't get a shock haha.

This Morillins mask contains Diamond Plaid technology and it is 100% organic! In my Trove, I got the Brightening + Tightening mask, containing Giga White to limits melanin production, lighten pigment spots and moisturises my skin! Another ingredient is the cornflower, is anti-inflammatory, soothes, firms and tightens the skin. When I opened the mask, I smelt like a herb-y smell, and the mask was a little smaller than others, not fully covering my cheek (or maybe I just have a big head) but the nose area and mouth was really well cut out to fully optimize my skin!!

After I removed it, I felt my skin become fresher and... cold! Which is a good thing so my pores are closed up again! :)

Make-up hauls

ACACI Vita-C Natural Powder 

These Made in Korea products are still taking Singapore by storm. They sure do know how to work with Asian Skin! This beauty label under Chamos Cosmetics are made from natural ingredients and free from alcohol! Their Vita-C Natural powder is used to shrink pores, level out uneven skin tone and gives you glowing skin :P

How to use:

Take a small amount into the palm and mix it with your preferred basic skin care cream (water based) and apply evenly all over face.

Erabelle Eyebrow Design

As mentioned in my post HERE, I got to experience Erabelle's magical realm of Kimono-ladies and tailored look to my occupation and personality!  So I was super happy to receive this in my Trove! Enjoy Erabrow Design (eyebrow analysis, tweeze, trim AND design) for only $18 (up to $29) PLUS receive 1 of Erabelle's Long Lasting Eyebrow Pencil worth $34.24!!! This is super value for money so I urge you to get one at all costs.

Ladies get to enjoy 50% off their services with a voucher included with all purchases of August troves.

Additionally, YOU can also enjoy 10% off services when you quote "Claire VanityTrove", especially for your readers. 

Benefits of reading my blog :P I am also giving away Erabelle's Eyebrow Pencil HERE. Of course I embedded this in the middle of my blogpost for those who read everything to benefit! Hehe.

Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover

This is REALLY good. Like, I was quite skeptical of it because normally cleansing milk products are used to remove make up, and this doesn't have milk in it (transparent!) But I was really surprised when my make-up came off effortlessly, just after rubbing the make up remover in a circular motion! Doesn't make your skin feel dry or oily after that too!

Feminine Hygiene 

I know most girls would've heard of Sofy or Kotex or Laurier, but this Oxypad by Elo Health is worth checking out! With its special patented Oxygen Techologies, the Oxypad gives extra protection against bacteria, itch, and odour. What's more, it also has an unique Oxy-Warning Core that determines if you need an appointment with your gynaecologist soon! It's also really comfortable and soft, to ensures maximum protection. One box has like 125 pieces so you don't have to make too many trips to the pharmacy!

You might even forget you're even wearing one :X

Want your own August's Rocket Science Beauty Trove?

Subscription at $25 is over but limited stock purchases is available at $30 inclusive of processing fee via gift code RocketScienceBeauty, direct link here:

Super super excited for September's FALL IN LOVE Edition!! I wonder what's going to be inside ;)

Got this summary for you from Vanity Trove's website so you know roughly when to expect your Trove!

Your Way To Your Beautiful Surprise every month!

1st-14th: Have you made your subscription to this month's trove?
14th: Subscription closes
15th-20th: VTeam prepares your very own VanityTrove
21st-25th: Expect your beautiful surprise!
24th-28th: Our beautiful surprises go overseas to more subscribers around the world.
25th-31st: Share your beautiful surprise with us!

If you're convinced and ready to subscribe to a monthly birthday treat (it's as if it's your birthday every month!) Then click on this link below to subscribe!

Thank you Vanity Trove! *hugs*
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