Panasonic's new portable charger, and a little bit of luck.

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This post is an epic story of how 11 people ended up in a van that costs $80 for a trip and how I won an iPhone 4S, all in one night.

Was invited for an event by Panasonic and it was held at Orchard Parade Hotel's K-suite! We had the biggest room which came with a pool table, a wii corner and of course, huge area for Karaoke! 

I didn't take much photos at the event because my feet/shoes were wet and cold so that put me in like, a downer mood in the beginning, then things got so fun so fast I didn't take photos either hahah. Let me tell you the background story.

I rushed over to Orchard and reached at 6.45pm. Intended to walk from Wheelock place to Orchard Parade Hotel, but alas, it was RAINING CATS AND DOGS. Like super heavy. And I was trapped there with Hong Peng, Jessie, Shu Qing, William, Shaun, Terence and some other bloggers. We thought that the rain would subside after a while, but it DIDN'T. So someone called the organizers to inform them that we were stuck at Wheelock. Tried calling a cab but all the lines were engaged. I was getting pretty impatient (7.25pm when the event started at 7) so I called the organizers and asked if they could send over a car, or a hotel pick-up or something.

No one drove :(

Some of the guys were about to give up and wanted to buy umbrellas from Daiso ($2) and walk in the super heavy rain to Orchard Parade Hotel (15 mins walk at least) but luckily someone found a website address for a Maxi Cab, which would fit 7 people.

I called and the line got through! I told the guy that there was 11 of us, and coincidentally there was a van that could fit 11 people nearby, who could pick us up and drive us to our destination!

It cost $80. (The 7 seater was $50). The reason for the price was because the intention was for Point A to Point B travel, any part of Singapore, for that fixed price.

Just our luck that ours was a 5 minute drive away.

However, by then we were so desperate, we agreed anyway.

We still had to walk like 30 steps in the rain, sharing one umbrella (hence poor Shaun had to go back and forth to ferry people across) Plus, I decided to wear white PANTS that day, urgh. This is how my feet got wet!

Finally reached Orchard Parade Hotel, and one of the organizers, Joshua, came out #likeaboss to help us pay for the van ride. Haha.

Was sooo hungry by the time we reached. I think it was 8.15pm or something? And we felt so bad that the entire event was pushed back because they were waiting for the 11 of us.

Some games were organized for us, mainly a pictionary segment and a complete the story video segment! Pictionary is self-explanatory but the complete the story was, basically, we were shown some videos, and at the climax the video stopped so it was open to anyone's interpretation to continue with it!

I didn't want to pick the most common one, so I picked the seemingly most boring one, where a guy was at Raffles Place about to head for a meeting when his phone died and he didn't know the venue of the meeting!

Comes with charger to charge your portable charger and a cable from charger to phone :)

I wrote that he went to Mcdonald's, found a girl to borrow the portable charger from, and she suddenly left, he met her at the meeting that same night. I watch too much drama and I am a romantic at heart.

Thanks Christina for the photo!

Somehow I won the first prize!! Which was an Iphone 4S!! Second prize was a HTC One X, third was a Blackberry Curve.

Thanks Christina for the photo!

Thank you so much to the folks at Panasonic for the iPhone 4S!!! It was so amazing I couldn't believe it. I didn't think that my story would be picked but I really really wanted to win it!!

So they introduced us to their latest product, the portable mobile phone charger. Which i carry around with me on almost everyday because my phone battery runs out so fast (thanks to ig, fb, twitter)


If you need an android charger, you know which brand to get!Also, check out how I made the wire into a star. HAHA.

For more information on the Panasonic charger, click HERE.
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