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Stepping into Erabelle is like stepping into another realm. It's a sanctuary for a busy woman who want to be transported from the typical crowd. If catwoman saw this decadent place she might've robbed the place empty. (Dark Knight Rises reference, just watched it and it blew my mind) Hahah.

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Tucked away in a little corner of Vivocity, next to The Coffee Bean, was Erabelle Prestige's Vivo branch! I was super impressed with the amount of effort and time spent decorating the place. The designer sure has a keen eye for detail ;)

Notice the plush chairs and the sleek wallpaper!!

Nicolette greeted me and I felt instantly welcome. I didn't know who would be there but I spotted Hayley and relaxed. Hahah. If you haven't heard of Erabelle before, they are a multi-award winning beauty chain, to mention one would be the Singapore Women’s Weekly Best In Beauty 2012 Winner for Best Brow Embroidery. Their secret weapon is their "softstroke technique"and their very own Micropen used during embroidery! More on that later.

Me, Hayley and Clara! Had a good hair day so I curled it a little bit :) Clara likes korean stuff and she's going to Korea to do her masters! Dream come true!

Erabelle means "belle of this era" (I could've figured this out whoops) and captures the timeless and classic beauty for the modern woman. It's very evident in their surroundings and the pretty kimono-clad ladies!

Since we had to take turns for our eyebrows to be shaped, the cam-whoring began. 

 Check out my ginormous thighs! Never photoshop k. Okay please stop staring now.

Hayley and I. She's so skinny but keeps harping on that she's fat. T_T

Picture of me before getting my brows done! I've maintained them well over the years, since I started trimming them in sec 3 or 4. My first trim was with my facial lady, who did a great job and I warned her not to overpluck them too thin. "Just pluck the stray hairs", I said. 

Also, when I went to JY (shall not spell their brand out but I guess you can figure it out) the beautician wanted to shave my eyebrows to get the shape, to which I objected to. I think shaving not only makes the hair grow thicker, but the hair that grows out is harder to manage. Plus, isn't shaving an easy way out for a beautician? Think it doesn't reflect on their skills =\

I don't use any eyebrow pencils to fill in the gaps or darken them, so usually in flash pictures my eyebrows look sparse compared to my other blogger friends. But this is about to change :P

It was dinnertime and I was super hungry so I helped myself to some of the finger food they prepared for us. I mostly had sandwiches and tea :) Noticed that many events have twelve cupcakes providing cupcakes!! Hope they're not too fattening because I love their red velvet.

Event kicked off with an introduction to Erabelle by Nicolette and then we got to see the master work her skills on a model! She'll ask for your occupation and personality to match you with eyebrows that suit you. Also, she will test if your skin is sensitive to their products before working on your brows! Professional or what?

The next segment saw each of us having our brows trimmed, shaped and styled! Just like the hair on your head, don't neglect your eyebrows which frame your face and is noticeable whenever people talk to you!


Artists are trained in-house on colour theory, technique, features identification and sanitization before their hands-on clinic session begins. Rest assured you're in good hands! 

Gotta love their eyebrow tweezers which are specially fabricated with a polymer tip to provide less pain when tweezing.

Erabelle makes everything look pretty. I shall build up the anticipation of my before/after brows picture by sharing you more about Erabelle's services! Their eyebrow scissors have a fine cutting edge to follow your natural brow shape. The tip is really sharp though so be careful not to accidentally poke yourself with it. For more info, check out their website at Erabelle Prestige

Erabelle has 3 main services - Erabrow, Eraliner and Eralip. 

Erabrow - customises the shape and color of your eyebrows according to your face shape.
Ideal for individuals with sparse, uneven eyebrows.

Eraliner - thickness and color of eyeliner is customised according to the shape and size of your eyes, giving better balance to the face. Suitable for people who do not know how to apply eyeliner, allergic to make-up, problems with contact lenses or oily skin that causes make-up to smear.
Eralip- colour is custom-blended to suit your skin tone, age and preference by defining and shading in your lips! Best for individuals who do not have defined lip-shape or uneven lip colour!

Plus all colours exceed the safety standards of European Cosmetic Directive and are approved by FDA (Germany) and any leftover colours will be discarded.

Note that this is cosmetic artistry, NOT tattoo. Which means colour is embedded into the epidermis which will lighten over time. Tattoos embed pigments into the dermis which stays pretty much the same over time. Hence cosmetic artistry is semi-permanent while a tattoo is permanent.

I'd rather a semi-permanent colour because I'm fickle and tattoo-ed eyebrows look really unnatural after they fade, especially when they turn dark green or blue. *shudders*

We also had a tour of the different rooms, each room had a different design and different feel to it. Do you know that each VIP has their names embroided onto their personal towel for them to use whenever they're at Erabelle? Now THAT's service.

My favourite decoration of that night in their VIP room. Check out the embossed wall! I actually walked over to touch the wall. Would love to have something like this in my future home! Plus they had some Audrey Hepburn photos in pretty picture frames in some of the rooms. Absolutely love her.

Every room has a different, unique name. Frou frou sounds cute. Notice how pretty they designed it to be?

They also have facial services, check out their range which will be customized by your therapist after she's assessed your face!

Am personally loving the collagen eye mask. Think my eyes need lots of TLC!

My 'before' and 'after' brow pic! Notice how my eyebrows appear fuller and wayyy neater? They make me look cute and more refreshed too! The Erabelle Long Lasting BRow Pencil comes in dark brown/black/grey but they used dark brown for me here. I love how the colour easily comes on and lasts the entire day!

Now that I'm happy with my brows, time to take photos with the intricate frames Erabelle printed for us to play with!!

Celestina and Hayley. Instead of posting us in 3 different poses one after the other, I decided to make a collage so you can admire the pictures in one pic. Nice right? :D

To the ladies at Vanity Trove, thank you so much for organizing this!! Had an amazing night :)

Now, I can't leave home without using Erabelle's eyebrow pencil. Seriously the colour comes out REALLY easily so just a few light strokes is enough!! Also, super impressed with Erabelle because they embroided our names INSIDE each beauty bag!! Way to make a girl feel loved.

So now comes the segment you've been waiting for. I'm...

(worth $34.24 each!)

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Open to Singapore residents only. Meetup at my convenience!

Giveaway closes... on 10th September. Good luck!

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