My dad is cool.

11:36 PM claire 0 Comments

I was happily playing Michael Bolten's 'Go the Distance' (from YouTube) because I had been feeling a little down, career wise, when my dad suddenly remarked that he has the CD.

Me: "What?! You have his CD? You so cool one ah."
Dad: "OF COURSE! I have so many CDs you know! Come let me show you." *proceeds to take out a box* "I have Eric Clapton... I have *rambles on*..."

My dad is cool. When I discovered Bee Gees at a Courts sale many years ago, I asked him who the band was and he passed me their CD. Have been a fan of them ever since.

Same thing happened to the Carpenters when we watched American Idol together (looong time ago) Oh yeah, and Kenny Rogers, Queen...

Vintage awesomeness.
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