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So my brother's back from Japan and whenever I'm bored, instead of walking around the kitchen finding food, I go to his room to disturb him, just like old times. Sometimes he is playing a computer game, sometimes he's reading his tech-y stuff, but I disturb him all the same.

Me: "Eh kor, your skin quite bad, I can see your pores."
Kor: "Yah I know."
Me: "Hmm you gotta try this Body Shop Pore Minimizer, will help reduce your pores!!"
Kor: "Ok I try!"

And now he has added it to his daily regime. And it's working!!

What is this Pore Minimizer? It's Body Shop's new Tea Tree product. Available at all Body Shop stores!

What is Tea Tree? Renowned for its anti bacterial properties that can also be used for burns, cuts and bites! It's anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory.

Tea Tree Pore Minimizer is freaking amazing. I've been applying it religiously to my nose and under chin area and my pores are getting smaller!! Haven't disappeared (yet) but I am hoping for the best.

What it does: Reduces pore size, softens the look of enlarged pores and absorbs excess serum!


You may also have heard of Body Shop's bestseller Tea Tree Oil that clears up your skin without over-drying it! Apply before make up or bring along for touch-ups during the day.

How to use: Apply onto horrible pimples or about-to-erupt-into-a-pimple skin!

Why Body Shop's Tea Tree is so awesum: They're handpicked from organically grown plants and the oil is produced by Kenya Organic Oil Farmers' Association which creates employment and better education for farmers!

Once you get addicted to the Tea Tree products, (and smell), be sure to check out the other items like the Tea Tree Facial Wash, Tea Tree Cleanser, Tree Tree Blemish Gel etc!

I've incorporated this into my daily morning skincare regime, after applying toner, and before applying moisturizer ;)

PSST!! Good things must share!! (I should do up a banner for this)

The Body Shop has a digital campaign on Tea Tree Pore Minimiser to encourage facebook fans to submit a review of their favourite Tea Tree product, and of course, you get GOODIES!

-          FREEBIES! Anyone who submits will get a Tea Tree Rescue Pack (consisting of a one week supply of Tea Tree Facial Wash, best-selling Tea Tree Oil and NEW Tea Tree Pore Minimiser).
-          3 reviewers with the most number of votes will win a Tea Tree Hamper (worth more than $300)
-          3 voters who voted for the top reviewer will also win $100 worth of The Body Shop products!

 (don't miss this chance, it's really simple!!)

Thanks Body Shop! Another step to flawless skin is always a recommendation from me :D
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