Feast by Far East

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"Launch of our new website!"
"Great excuse to throw a party!"

And so there was a party. (I made the first part up)

Was invited to the launch of , held at Oasia Hotel, which is conveniently next to Novena MRT station. Mr Richard Lee, Oasia Hotel's General Manager, who also informed me that there's going to be a link to the hotel from the train station! Convenience +100 points. 

Let me quickly introduce you to TripAdvisor's mascot.

Honestly, when the mascot crept  up behind me, I jumped a little. Would you be, too? 

Did you know that Far East Hospitality is part of Far East Orchard Limited, the listed company under Far East Organization. They own Oasia, Village and Quincy Hotel. 

The group is pursuing prospects in overseas markets such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and Australia.

Now you know.

 With my companions for the night :) My fashion boys! Stanley's glasses are really growing on me (yes they have a degree) and James' pocketsquare is beyond adorable.

 This was how the sashimi appeared in my eyes. Yup, god sent.

We were treated to an international spread - Italian, Japanese, Western, Chinese and local food. My favourite was none other than the... Japanese, of course. However, the Argentinian lamb and parma ham was really really good too. Should've helped myself to more when I had the chance :X

Wilson escorted us to view their suite and their executive room. Love the use of pinewood in the rooms so there's a fragrant, fresh scent all the time!

Bathtub was huge. Our guess was that it could fit 4 people.

 Me to James "Hey James, this is the first time we're in the toilet together." LOL. So we took a photo.

We were then ushered to the 22nd floor for desserts by the pool. Really liked the view and their heated mini pool at the far end.

Boy, was I glad that I saved space for this.

This was too tempting so I had a cream puff. 

Was really tempted to jump in the pool but nahhhh.

If you're looking for a place to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of work, consider Oasia Hotel and book through their new website!

To celebrate the launch of the new website, the group is offering 40% off its Best Available Rates with a minimum of two nights’ stay from 1 September 2012 to 3 March 2013.  Bookings must be made between 28 August and 3 September 2012. For more information please visit

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