Me as a Shibuya gal, and gyaru.

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Been getting quite a lot of positive comments from a picture I posted of me in gyaru make on Facebook, even some friends who catch me IRL tell me that it's a pretty awesome pic and that I suit the look! So here's a quick blogpost to share the pictures with you guys.

Thank you Mandom Corp who organised the Shibuya Gals event in Singapore!

Dolly wink products are available at Watsons :)

Absolutely LOVE these hair extensions!! Going to buy them soon :) Super easy to use (Clip-ons) and they don't even need any maintenance!

The cute booth at Ngee Ann City's Watsons

Look at the wide range of products!

Himeko was my assigned gyaru sensei! She did my eye make up for me using some of the products in this picture. My top lashes are Dollywink in 09, and my bottom lashes are Dolly wink 01! Are you ready??


 So initially my eyebrows were filled in dark brown (in this pic), but I found it to be too harsh and Himeko agreed. I removed the eyebrow make up and we applied light brown mascara and powder and this is the updated look...

Much more subtle! I like!

Okay my smile is really weird here because my face was freaking swollen and I couldn't talk properly. 

 Here's my instagrammed picture with curly hair! No photoshop or whatever, just a filter.

Should I keep this look? Long straight hair or curled hair? Let me know what you think :)

Side note: Realised that this top has been appearing in many blogshops and on the street more often now!! :O It's one of my favourite new tops too!

Thanks for reading!
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