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How Twitter Makes Money?

Have you ever wondered how Twitter makes money? I googled and found out. Haha.

"All tweets are searchable on the website, and they feature in the search results of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. Hint hint – Yes, Twitter sells it’s tweets related to a particular topic to these search engines, and that’s one way  of making money. Twitter sells the rights to publish live tweets on any hot, trending topic (for example, the Football world cup, or The Royal Wedding of William and Kate). Search engines get live data, and unique comments through each tweet. As a by-product, Twitter gets more users. An ideal win-win situation!
Have a great Saturday!

Another money-generating model is to show “Promoted Tweets”. Advertisers pay Twitter to show their tweets in top search results, along with their company name. Likewise, there are “Promoted Trends” where How Does Twitter Make Money? The advertiser’s product related trends are featured on the website. Major companies like Coca cola, Starbucks, and Disney have already made deals with Twitter to promote their products."
See, you learnt something today!

Cinque Terre... Floods.

Just read about the news here.

":The worst affected region was Liguria, with at least two of the five World Heritage-listed 'Cinque Terre' coastal villages cut off as a result of roads being washed away.
The walking trails and picturesque fishing villages of the Cinque Terre attract hundreds of thousands of international tourists, but two of them – Vernazza and Monterosso – were severely affected as rivers of mud poured down from the hills behind them.
The mayor of Monterosso said the fishing village had all but been wiped out.
"Monterosso no longer exists," Angelo Betta told an Italian news agency.
Huge amounts of mud had swept through the tiny settlement, causing an "unimaginable disaster".

The photo on the top of my blog was taken in CINQUE TERRE itself. It's GORGEOUS I have been gushing about it for the longest time. And it's flooding terribly now. (go to the website to check out the video).

Hope the authorities manage to clear it up soon. It's just next to the sea... 


Yesterday was soo tiring.

I've been having several insomniac nights. Had to take runny nose drowsy medicine just to get sleep. That's how intense it is. I only get sleepy around 3am but then toss and turn until 4am before I can sleep.

Perhaps there's too much things on my mind, too much to worry about. Now that I'm a graduate, what's the next thing of my life to be? What's the next chapter? New interests? New personalities?

But I keep wanting to learn new things that interest me. Time, and money. Urgh.

Anyway, share with you guys something. Do you know what the primers in your life are? For example, things that you see or you encounter that automatically affects your mood.

Like, whenever I see someone spitting phlegm on the road I get annoyed. Or like if I see people talking loudly on the train. You must be aware of these things and not let them affect what you do NEXT.

If I spoke to my mum after I saw these annoyed things, I unconsciously will be ruder to her or express my annoyance.

The trick is to recognize these things that make you annoyed and disengage them from your future actions! Take a deep breath before you do something next.

We all wear different 'hats'. I'm the student, colleague, friend, daughter, gf, niece, cousin etc. We just need to know when to wear the right hats and not wear them to the wrong occasion!

There are also primers that affect your subconscious! Like if a shop in a shopping mall plays faster paced music, it makes your heart beat faster and makes you feel like either.. running away or fighting. By fighting meaning, spending money.

There are also primers associated with colour, environment etc. Just have to be more aware of them yes? :) Be less impulsive!
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