Jill Lowe International: Colours workshop!

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 Went for a 2 hour colours workshop by Jill Lowe International! :) And have become a Jill Lowe fan!
Our trainer for the day was Gwen, who has really good colour sense, and taught us how important it is to dress in the right colours for the right occasion.

 I took photos of these because they are my colours :X If you're an autumn girl then these are your colours too!

 Top secret stuff!! :)

 I was chosen to be one of the lab rats... hahaha jk. Gwen putting this gorgeous golden brown lipstick on me that made me look more radiant. No kidding. I'm going to buy that lipstick, I swear, on my next trip down.

 Trying out different colours on me and proving that there's a difference!

 The brown makes me look old haha.

 Black makes me dull!!

 Photo with pretty Gwen!
 Bumped into Mint there! Hello! :)
And of course, I HAD to grab a photo with Jill herself! She really takes care of her skin and always looks perfect. With poise, confidence, EVERYTHING. Wow.

Jill Lowe is having promotions on certain workshops, and I'm looking to attend one of them! Trying to start a class on Sunday afternoons (they normally don't have classes on weekends) so I have to find more people who are interested to join!

If you're free on Sunday afternoons, or want to find out more about the workshops, let me know and I can introduce you to the right people for your needs! Email me at eternamente[AT]

I'm so convinced that I am signing up already! I think holding yourself in high esteem is really important, regardless of male or female. It really sets you apart from the other person when you're being considered for a promotion. But sadly not many people realise the importance and think that the money isn't worth the value that it brings. So maybe that's why these people are still stuck in their jobs without being promoted or getting bigger bonuses!

Change your life around today!

PS: They've been around for 26 years already. Even more credible! Click here for their website. They are in the midst of revamping too!
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