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If you're a huge fan of Japanese food like me, you're bound to have heard of Mikuni while researching for your next place to try. Even Hungrygowhere rates it 84% (at date of post) and it is consistently serving quality food. Unfortunately, the prices are preeettty steep, but there's a little benefit you could exploit which is...

the amazing LUNCH MENU

The lunch items are between $65 to $120++, which is much cheaper than if you went during dinner where one main item is $48++. Oh, and if you have The American Express Platinum Credit Card, or The Far Card you get up to 50% off dining here!! For more details, click on the respective links. (This post is NOT an ad for them.)

Be sure to make reservations before going, and they do have a dress code so no shorts and slippers please.


Mikuni is fitted with a modern japanese decor, but some might even find the blue lights a little strange. Nonetheless, the service is pretty good and you are provided with hot towels to clean your hands with while waiting for your appetizers.

Some crunchy crackers and salad, This isn't anything worth mentioning but it kind of builds the suspense until you get your mains. 

The mains


The Miyabi set, also the most expensive set in the whole menu, is definitely worth the value. Look at that grilled Kagoshima Wagyu Beef you cook on the stone slab and watch it sizzle! 

*_* the aroma is enough to make your other companions envious

Apart from the wagyu, you get an organic salad with mixed vegetables, 3 kinds of Sashimi, BBQ Eel, mixed Tempura, lobster with uni sauce and miso soup. It kinda feels like you've got the best of everything Mikuni has to offer, all to yourself without having to share! Ie, bliss.

The lobster with uni sauce was amazingly rich, you'd be wishing you had a bigger portion after the first bite.

  • SASHIMI SET 刺身セット 90 

As a huuuuge sashimi fan, this item caught my eye and definitely did not disappoint. The uni was gloriously fresh and the tuna just melts in your mouth. Simple superb. The set comes with seasonal sashimi, deep-Fried Tofu, chawanmushi, rice, pickles and miso Soup.

One of the freshest uni's I've eaten in my life.

If you're wondering what that green thing is, that's seaweed. It was really good!


I ordered the sushi and assorted sashimi set but this seems to be discontinued. I thought it wasn't anything special, so I wouldn't recommend you trying this anyway! (Think it was $65++)

The sushi wasn't anything special, and fried corn was just strange.

I wanted to try a range of Mikuni's food but the highlight was the sashimi.

  • AUSTRALIAN BEEF & EBI OUGON SAUCE SET 80 オーストラリアビーフと海老黄金鉄板焼きセット 

The last set ordered was a teppenyaki one! It consists of chawanmushi, teppanyaki Prawns with Golden Sauce, Australian Beef Tenderloin, vegetables, rice, pickles and miso soup.

The beef was really tender though it was a tad bit overcooked for medium rare.

The set also comes with garlic rice and smooth, flavourful chawanmushi.

All set items come with... dessert!

I think this changes depending when you're there, but when I went it was this cute mixed fruits panna cotta served in a (tiny) jar.

Which was devoured in like, 10 seconds.

All in all, I'd definitely come back to dine at Mikuni - after I've saved up a bit for it that is.

Level 3, Fairmont Singapore
(Hint; Enter through Raffles City Shopping Centre!)

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday - 12:00pm to 2:30pm
Monday to Sunday - 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Dress Code: Smart Casual

For reservations, call +65 6431 6156 or

Note: This was not a paid or sponsored review, just wanted to share one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Singapore that's perfect for dates or cosy celebrations!

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