Dinner and Dance 2013

9:24 PM claire 0 Comments

My company had a dinner and dance function at Raffles City Convention Centre recently, and here are some pictures I took that night!! You can decide if I'm a sorceress, a vampire or Christine Daae (from the Phantom). No I'm not a witch!!!

Outfit was rented from a shop in Bugis called Global Mascot. Shoutout to them because I bargained for a good price :X Their store is HUUUGE. It takes up two store spaces, has an area at the back AND I saw a staircase leading up to more stuff!!! Also, after I tried this outfit, I noticed there was a slight rip, and an uncle promptly took the dress for me and sewed it on the spot.

That's service for you!

Global Mascot
766 N Bridge Rd 198734
Tel: 6392 2792



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