Foxtrot's closing down sale!

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I can never have enough heels, bags and accessories!! They seem to match SO many outfits and have a longer lifespan than most clothes. So when foxtrot told me about their closing down sale with some items going for 50% off, I just had to make a trip down!

With pretty Atsuko-chan who speaks really good English and arranged to meet me at the store! Was trying to practice my broken Japanese with her and she's so patient with me *_* If you're lucky on weekdays you'll be able to spot her around Raffles Place, hehe!

Foxtrot is located in Serangoon Gardens. Look out for a HUGE pink foxtrot sign, directly opposite Chomp Chomp food centre!!

Really liked the welcoming and girly atmosphere. Sometimes I fear going to the second storey of shophouses because you never know what might happen lol #paranoid

Foxtrot has a really wide range of shoes, from pretty flats, glamour heels, casual sandals to comfy platforms, all encased in a pretty ribboned shoebox. Their bags are made of fine quality leather and inspired by trends and styles from all over the world. 

In the short time I was there, they managed to sell so many bags!! It's no surprise because they're definitely a steal. Leather bags for $69, how could it not tempt you??? I was super tempted and went crazy just trying them on hehe. 

All heels are $39 with rubber sandals going at $19!! Plus some shoes have additional paddings on the balls of your feet for extra comfort! 

Bling bling evening shoes. Check out the crystals on this one. Definitely a head turner!

I absolutely LOVED these heels!!! Classy and unique, but I had no occasion to wear this to :(
Tried these ultra high heels and I felt half a head taller! Clothes are being sold for $10 - $19 too!

There's a full wall mirror so you can strut around in your heels before deciding if you want to get something :p

Love the flowers that add a splash of colour and texture!

  Oh, and get this. ALL accessories are $5 each!!

Many designs to choose from! Earrings, rings, necklaces etc!

Cute designs!

 Trying to decide between bags :$

Finally decided on this one! Don't have any mustard yellow bags at home and it's leather so it's very durable!

 Their shoeboxes are sooo pretty! Rings that I'm wearing are available for only $5 each!! If you're wondering what design these rings are, they're in a shape of a dressing table and a silver mirror :)

 They only accept CASH so please remember to bring extra ;)

Find Foxtrot at:
6A Kensington Park Road 

(Opposite Chomp Chomp Food Center) 
Singapore, 557258
Contact number: 6288 6609


  Sale ends on 31 October 2013 so be sure to check them out before everything is gone!!

Be warned though. Wearing Foxtrot shoes may cause an inexplicable sense of euphoria, up your chic factor and attract intermittent comments about your remarkable fashion sense. :p

Thanks Atsuko-chan and David for the introduction! I came out of the store with a gorgeous new bag and leather flats! :)
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