Goodbye Tsukiji Fish Market :(

11:05 PM claire 0 Comments

Goodbye Tsukiji Fish Market.

According to Today,

"The city is planning to spend US$4.5 billion (S$5.7 billion) to relocate the market — nicknamed Tsukiji for the neighbourhood that surrounds it — to a modern, climate-controlled distribution centre on a man-made island in three years. The move is part of a broader face-lift Tokyo is planning before the 2020 Olympics.

Officials say they want to redevelop the market’s estimated 20 hectares of land, valued in the billions, into high-rise apartments and a tunnel that will connect Tokyo to the islands that will house new Olympic sites. "

It's really saddening to see it go. I've had amazingly fresh sushi there, sigh. Be sure to make a trip down before Tsukiji... well... isn't located in Tsukiji anymore. 

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