Kick-Ass 2 movie review in Singapore

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A week ago I was invited to the Kick-Ass 2 preview held at Golden Village- Grand at Great World City. Each invite entitled you to 2 cokes, a sweet popcorn to share and a photo opportunity at a Kick Ass 2 photo booth! It was free seating so the queue to enter was crazy long.

 My friend doesn't like sweet popcorn so guess who had more popcorn to eat? Hahaha.

Movie goers were encouraged to come in their superhero or villian costume, but because I didn't have any outfits on hand, I dressed casually. Here's a photo of The Frying Pan Man. 

Gotta give him some credits for trying, and the print out design he stuck to his shirt is just hilarious. 

 My superhero costume! Bunny ears to represent super hearing power? Hahaha. So I can hear evil from miles away :p

 Hit Girl and Kick Ass were there too! With Colonel Stars and Stripes in the background.

It was my first time watching a movie there because it's pretty far from my place, but darn I was SO impressed by the screen and sound I'll definitely be back! The hall I watched at had a ginormous screen, clean seats with no strange smells, and great surround sound that wasn't deafening!   

 Picking the winner for best costume who walked away with $100 cash!

After having been pleasantly surprised by the colourful, fun-filled, action-packed treat that was Kick-Ass 1 three years ago, I approached the sequel with tempered expectations. Much of what delighted audiences in the first installment was the journey of discovering David’s (Kick Ass') latent courage and grit, the background of his ruined nerves and the novelty of the Hit Girl/Big Daddy pairing. Knowing that Kick-Ass and Hit Girl were the city’s resident superheroes, I expected this movie to simply be the crime fighting duo beating up more bad guys.

It was much more than that.

Kick-Ass 2 sees David maturing and developing as a teen, Mindy (Hit Girl) struggling with an ordinary life and Red Mist reborn as the Mother F$*ker, throwing money around just to have his way. An evil league is assembling and David decides to join a team of crime fighting superheroes led by Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey) called Justice Forever to defend his turf and seek revenge. 

The writers managed to inject a healthy dose of sentimentality and even high-school drama by weaving in a side story involving Mindy’s attempts to be a normal girly-girl; whilst ensuring that their unique brand of comedic violence and gore was not compromised. The fight scenes, though not as epic as the first one (recall the Big Daddy warehouse scene and the Hit Girl rescue scene), were brilliantly choreographed, very entertaining, and Chris D’Amico (Mother F@%ker) provided plenty of laughs as the bumbling yet heartless villain. 

What the movie suffered from perhaps, was an overly large cast of characters which was barely given enough time to develop eg Night Bitch who looked completely unrecognizable without her costume mode on. All in all, Kick-Ass 2 was in many ways a different experience from the first movie, but still provided plenty of amusement.

One of my favourite parts of the movie was checking out Aaron Taylor-Johnson aka David Lizewski / Kick-Ass's, ABS in the shirtless scenes. Here's the before and after for your viewing pleasure, and you're welcome.

 In the midst of training. Kick Ass reminds me a little of Frodo from LOTR with his curly hair.

 After. Who wouldn't be attracted to abs like that? I could do with less blood and wounds on the face though.

Kick-Ass 2 is rated M18 for violence and coarse language, of course with a villian's name as the Mother F#*ker, you can't expect any less! Be sure to check Kick-Ass 2 at Golden Village soon!

Thanks Janet, Alex, OMY and Golden Village for the tickets and Kangwen for contributing :)
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