A Sealy® transformation - Once you've gone Sealy, you can't go back

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Some of my friends that own Sealy's say that it's the "best 2k I've ever spent" and that it "feels like I'm sleeping on clouds". After using my Sealy for a month, I've got tons of comments of my own. It's been a great experience and thanks for joining me on my Sealy transformation!

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Super happy and refreshed!

Sealy one month later

It took about a week to adjust to my new bed. In that week, I tossed and turned for about 10 mins before I could get to sleep, and my old memory foam pillow (not from Sealy) was causing me stiff necks in the morning.

But it was worth it.

Just lazin in bed

By the second week, my body was completely adjusted to my new Sealy and things were looking awesome! I gave my memory foam pillow to my brother, and switched to the complimentary pillows Sealy provided me with, and my neck issue was gone.

In my first blog post, I mentioned that I often had back aches from just lying on my bed, but ever since I used my Sealy, my back aches never came back! Now, I fall asleep almost instantly when my head hits the pillow and my body starts recovering more effectively. :) I don't wake up randomly during the night and have trouble going back to sleep anymore. I've been having more dreams now, which is a sign that I'm having more REM sleep, which improves my memory retention and is healthier for the body.

It's important to get Stage 4 of deep sleep and REM sleep or you will have trouble focusing during the day, experience lower productivity levels and causes you to feel drowsy and irritable. It's also important to get enough rest so your immune system is rejuvenated and internally, your cells and muscles can repair and grow. Also, pain may be intensified by the physical and mental consequences of lack of sleep.Thus, staying up all night to study for that test or finish that presentation actually is more detrimental than originally thought!

Do note that quantity is not quality. You may sleep for many hours, but if your sleep isn't deep enough,  if your sleep cycle is disturbed, you may still be at greater risk for illness. A simple way to gauge the quality of your sleep is to see how refreshed you feel when you wake up.

As a result, I am happier, my energy levels during the day are higher and I feel more motivated to do more activites like sports! Plus, I think my eyebags and eye circles have reduced hehe.

I like how my Sealy mattress is made of the revolutionary Posturepedic Titanium Coil which supports my body whichever direction I turn by distributing the weight! This helps my muscles to relax and recover while I sleep :)

Unicased Technology with full surround support to lock the spring system :O

The Torsion Bar at the bottom also absorbs stresses and shocks that the bed experiences (whatever you do on your bed haha!) which helps add years of life to your mattress. Also, my bed had a visitor...

Squishy explores the Sealy the first time

Her second time and Squishy loves it!! Look at her happy contented 'lepak' (relaxed) face hahah. Don't worry she's toilet trained!

When I was changing bedsheets, I noticed the clever rubberised fabric cover actually helps grip my bedsheets to keep them in place for a tidier looking bed! You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning and your bedsheets are out... that didn't happen with my Sealy :)

The final Sealy transformation - designing the bed!

So in the last adventure we left off with tips on how to pick mattresses and the delivery of my bed, now came the last run, designing the bed! I spent HOURS picking mattress covers because there was so many to choose from plus there were so many combinations to choose from, with pillows and bed skirtings available
at the same place :)

Here are my picks!

Look #1: Thrown together

Found a brand new unused bedsheet in the storeroom which had matching pillow cases! Threw on a dash of colour with this vintage floral quilt and this was the first design before I went out to buy more.

Great for my habits which include: sleeping diagonally, kicking and leaving my ipad on the other pillow. This bedsheet is really soft and doesn't look 'old' despite several washes! Plus the comforter makes everything look neat.

Look #2: Corporately me

Thought of having a more mature bedsheet so that I'd feel more professional when I woke up. Thus this brown swirly bedsheet design!

Possibly goes well with your boyfriend/husband for those who share beds with them. I wanted to brighten up the bed with a pop of colour so I went down to IKEA to hunt for these orange pillow cases and bought separate pillows :)

Threw in a sun hat because Singapore's weather is hot and another smaller cute soft toy from Osaka's Rilakkuma store which shows Korilakkuma being a store assistant. Very apt to describe corporate life! Haha. Bachelors can also use this bedsheet design too.

Look #3: Girlish but stylish

Please pardon the creases *shifty eyes* but this is my favourite design of all!

Waking up to this makes me feel like dressing up for the day! Even while I was in Phuket I was thinking of my mattress back home. Oh and apparently I don't kick anymore!! Hehe

Which design out of the three do you prefer?

In future when I (eventually and hopefully) get married, I am definitely going to have a Sealy no matter what my (currently non-existent) husband says. And maybe I'll occasionally let my future kids sleep with us,  hehe!

With a 10 years mattress guarantee and knowing that Sealy posturepedic mattresses are designed with the help of Orthopaedic surgeons and sleep experts, I know I'm in good hands.

Thank you for travelling with this journey with me, if you've liked my entries, or if they entertained you, please spare a minute to...

You stand to win $200 cash and 2 awesome pillows from Sealy just from voting! One minute of voting could give you $200. If you extrapolate that to one hour... we'd all be rich.

You never have a good rest til you've gotten a Sealy, that's what I think. 

Thank you Sealy and OMY!
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