Bausch+Lomb : Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows

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Caught Sherlock Holmes today!! I missed the first installment but was really satisfied after I watched this!!

Here's a brief synopsis! 
Sherlock Holmes returns to the theatres with his greatest adventure against his greatest enemy; Professor Moriarty. Robert Downey Jr. returns with his mercurial portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, with Jude Law as the perfect Dr. Watson.

On the backdrop of Dr. Watson’s marital bliss, Holmes finds himself trying to take on the devious Moriarty in the greatest challenge to his detective skills yet.

There is much action in the movie for the action fans, glorious gun battles and cannons firing will keep the boys happy. Stephen Fry delights with his role as Holmes’ brother, and expect the unexpected.

I loved the special effects and how they slowed time to emphasize on important bullets, gunshots, action series, EVERYTHING! Music was fantastic

"I timed it perfectly!" Hahaha.

Not to mention, Jude Law is a PERFECT Dr Watson. He has this innocence and naivety that Sherlock doesn't have. Please catch the movie if you have the time! Kept me on my toes all the way! Thoroughly entertained.

Watched it in my Bausch+Lomb contact lens!
With other lenses my eyes get dry really quickly but not with the Bausch+Lomb PureVision2 HD , they last all day long!

Other benefits!
  • Reduced halos and glare while driving at night
  • Better contrast and clarity at the movies
  • Reduced blurriness in low-light situations

Was also given the new Bausch+Lomb Bio true multi-purpose solution, specially made for dry, tired and overworked eyes (eg mine).
  • Matching the pH of healthy tears
  • Utilizing a lubricant found in your eyes so they stay moisy and comfortable
  • Keeping certain beneficial tear proteins active to promote eye health and comfort
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Happy 2012 everyone! :) 

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