Japan Day Two Part Two! Akita Kanto Festival!

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Arrived at the festival early so we could get some food before the actual performance at 7!

Modern types of Yukata are in shorts-form! :O

Bonds families together

There was a lot of variety! Okonomiyaki, beer, takoyaki, no ramen though. Scallops, toriniku ETC

It was very crowded! And of course, being the Singaporean that I am, I decided to order my dinner from one of the longest lines.

When it was my turn, I just said "I want what everyone is having!"

And this is what I got.

Now I am not a fan of innards, in fact it freaks me out a little. (There is udon at the bottom) But I looked away while eating and it was really really delicious. It was probably the intestines but what I don't know can't harm me right? There was quite a bit of skin too.

My friends helped me polish it off though, and they all agreed it was really tasty!

Also ordered this!

Scallops on a stick! It looks better than it tastes though. Was quite rubbery to me.

Fried noodles! We called it, Japan's version of hokkien mee. Haha!

Another favourite is..

Snow cones! I forgot what they're called in Japanese but you can recognise the chinese character "bing"for ice on the shop's name haha!

Tried Blue Hawaii because it was recommended. It was alright!

Josephine and I. Hot, sticky, sweaty. Hadn't showered in like 12 hours or something?!

Are you ready for the event pictures? My camera shots aren't very nice, so I'm taking some from my friends. Here's a shot form my cam first then you can compare the difference haha.

My best photo of the lot, the rest are blurry. There is one guy balancing all the lanterns and they are very very heavy! Saw a few of them lose balance and fall. But luckily everyone around will help them and they take turns to do tricks!

There is even one smaller group of kids balancing!

Ok now for my friend Edward's photos. DSLR rocks.

Bang Hong's pictures!

The guys that hung out with us! Can't let girls wander alone right!

Ok back to my photos!

Saw these two boys so cute scooping up fishies.

Light sabers! Haha jk.

Great fun! :)

After that day, I feel like you've never truly been to Japan until you've experienced a festival.
Throughout the year, there will be many festivals all around Japan, just be sure to check the dates so you can attend one!

You won't regret it!
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