Japan Day Two Part One! Temple and Akita

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Get up for the day!

Today was going to be a really hectic day and I ended up with some abrasions too. Great.

Went to a famous temple where you can see GOLD Buddha's and all! We aren't allowed to take pictures inside so.. boohoo. The temple is called Hiraizumi Chuzonji Temple.

Tried taking a new type of shot haha

Also saw two ADORABLE dogs and I carried one of them for a while!

Don't know if the dog at the back is yawning or not but SOO CUTE! <3!

This was very very interesting. Put 100 yen (About 1.60 sing) inside, put your hand in and grab a fortune. Inside contains a charm and reveals your fortune!

Mine told me to be careful of my skin and on the day itself I got an abrasion. I was a little freaked out by the accuracy! It also told me to take care of my stomach because I normally get gastric problems. How accurate is that?!

It also told me about my love life, studies, work and general luck haha. Which were all quite true for me. Not going to reveal them here!

The place is made up of many other smaller temples which you can visit, but due to limited time we could only walk past them..

We were ushered into a restaurant for lunch!


Our lunch! Rice was in a separate container and we scooped how much we wanted. The tempura was nice! And I love the dessert thing, don't know what it's called. It's a little rubbery ish but has peanut sauce *points on the left* That white triangular thing!

Pretty boy Chris!

After that we rushed to Akita (which is not very near, about 2 hours by bus or something) and met up with some Japanese students!

We were separated into smaller teams to interact with the students!

And took photos!

After that we rushed to an Akita Festival!! Which is sooo nice!! But I will continue that.. another day :P

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