Japan: Day 4 Part 1! Tanabata Festival!

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Slept at like 3am the previous day and woke up at like 7? It was crazy! Had to check out and all so I didn't have time to wear my contacts! Wore them later in the day though.

Remember my inital blog post where I told you what each origami means?  Over here!

Each of these decorations are HAND MADE! Insane right? And Sendai's Tanabata Festival is the largest in Japan!

cute kid in the picture

I really like this picture! Notice the designs! :)

There were soo many people there!! Basically it's a long street and the decorations are just everywhere!! Shops also design their fronts because there is a competition for the best decorated shop! And the winner will get a lot of publicity and they normally are able to jack up their prices!

Alright stay tuned to tomorrow for the next part of this day!
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