Japan Day 4 Part 2! Mitsui Outlet!

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When in Japan.. of course you take.. NEOPRINTS! Which in Japanese street lingo it's called Purikura! So next time, if you're in Japan, you can squeal and shout PURIKURA at a machine and you will blend in with the Japanese girls :D

WAYYY cheaper than Singapore. Last I walked past it was $14 or something in Singapore? Crazy expensive!! It's like 600 yen in Japan! Which is about $8?

These machine enlarge your eyes and lighten your hair by DEFAULT. So the guys look more girly and the girls look.. like they have huge eyes.

Oh I forgot to mention something! Some purikura machines give PRIZES after you play a game!! Like matching picture games etc. We won some perfume thing (small one) and fake eyelashes!! Wayy to make your customers feel happy!

After taking neoprints/purikura, we headed off to.. Mitsui Outlet in Sendai!!! WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVED! Wish we had more time there because I was going crazy in Coach everything was SO CHEAP!!!

So sweet right? They had this banner made for us!

First stop was lunch and I had the BEST OYAKO DON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. You know that Oyako don is BEST when it is semi watery but yet cooked? THIS MEAL WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD. My standards for Oyako don is really high, this just blew my mind.

Gulped it down in record time. Think it was 700 yen? About $12 sing? Super worth it.

The outlet has quite a lot of malls and be sure to get a voucher for tourists at the information counter!! It's ADDITIONAL SALES OKAY!!

I ended up not buying anything because our group got separated and we spent some time contacting them and finding them :(


Alright more updates tomorrow!! :P
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