Japan Trip! Day 3 Part 2.

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I think I lost track of days.

The previous blog entry was about the volunteer work we did at Rikuzentakata. It wasn't substantial, it wasn't much, but it really affected us. We all really want to help out again, if we have the chance to. I think a group is organizing for that to happen!

So that was Day 3 part one. After that we had a long coach ride to our ryokan.

Two words. Freaking shiok.

I really really love soaking in an onsen (hot tub?) The temperature is REALLY hot. Like 40 degrees or something. You can't jump in, but you have to slowly immerse yourself into the water.

After I came back from the trip, my nails were really white and healthy! No splitting or cracks at all! But now they are weak again -_-

Finally, a traditional Japanese room!! :) On the table: some mochi, and inside the circular container contains green tea! WHICH WE WERE TOO TIRED TO TRY!! Seriously every day was crazy tiring that we just wanted to zzzzz right away.

Are you ready for dinner photos? IT WAS SOOO DELICIOUS!


Let me show you a picture of each individual 'section', and try to describe what it is !

It was sweet! No idea what it was. Rose syrup or something? Hahaha.

Need I explain more?? Prawn, Ika (Squid), Tuna, Salmon! Plus two friends don't eat sashimi (!!) so they gave it to ME! Did I look like such a glutton? But I gave a plate to the guys because they look like they need more food anyway ahaha.

Poured it into my sukiyaki!

Didn't like this because it was all vegetables :(

Our table!!

Our chawanmushi (egg) looked like tau huay. Haha!! Super smooth!!

And any japanese dinner is incomplete without...

Sake!!! :D LOVE IT!


End of photos! Now for group pictures! :) Can you tell the difference between Japanese and Singaporeans? Because there are some Japanese students among us! :P

Sang karaoke!

Covering our pink faces!

pretty shizuka chan!!

Saori chan!!

That's it! Did you manage to spot them? :P

Good night everyone! Have a great week ahead!
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