Freaky classroom dream.

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Had a nightmare amidst all my crappy dreams last night, and now I'm sick. Not sick in the head but flu-ey. Coupled with everything in my mind, well, life could be better.

Anyway just wanted to jot down random things I remember about my dream because I think it's my first ghostly one.


Can't remember the beginning but I was in a classroom with other students... and the teacher was projecting something on the screen, when suddenly the teacher goes "We're not alone."(cliche right?)

A chill passes, before we notice that there is a shadow of a person on the screen that's projecting the image.

To that, I freak out (wow i freak out even in my dreams)

Then my teacher continues talking and even comments that there are more in the room. After some time, the teacher calls on me to give my thoughts on some subject.

I stand up and begin talking. Within 5 seconds I feel something choking my neck and I can't breathe. My teacher (whoever she is) asks the person (or thing) to stop and it does.

Surprisingly, I did not freak out when this happened =\

We ask the... things to leave us alone and not to disturb us but they still remain in the classroom, listening.


I can't remember what happens afterwards anymore... I think I woke up and went back to sleep... but the dream continued. Something about climbing up some ladder..

Can't remember. Anyway I don't watch any horror shows, can't even listen to any horror stories so... I don't even know where this dream came from. Don't try to analyze it please, I don't even want to know what it signifies in my life.
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