Packed weekends are fun! But tiring.

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A quick entry before I head off to bed! Had a reallyyyy long weekend so far.

Thursday I went for the opening of Delcie's dessert and cake, and after that I went for Elizaben Arden's cosy get together! It was a last minute thing so I wasn't dressed up in the correct colours. There's going to be a contest coming up so continue reading!! :) Plus I had flu so I was sniffly and my voice was all nasal and one ear was blocked. But I did have yummy beef noodles with Z and the other bloggers!

Can't wait to blog about all these events, I have sooo many pictures to upload aaah!! Hopefully I will get some done tomorrow!

And today was just fab. I actually WOKE UP EARLY for BRUNCH! This is actually my first official brunch. No, meeting your friends for McDonald's breakfast before another outing isn't counted as brunch! I'm really happy about it. Tried Spruce and the food is great! It's quite a distance from my place though but luckily Y drove. (Lol, Y & Z)

After that I visited MBS's sky deck! For $20 it was not really worth in the day IMO because as a Singaporean (who has also been to top of UOB or is it OUB, confused always) we've already seen most of the landmarks! Think tourists should check it out instead. Or just say you're going to Ku te Da and get a drink + free view. It all adds up to about the same anyway.

Also had my fill of Silver Moon tea at TWG! I love Silver Moon tea!! Try it. It's light and fragrant. I also had the raspberry... cake. Which was quite yums too.

Had to rush to Clarke Quay for Kirin Ichiban Beer Launch! The beer came in super cute cans and we were served sushi! Wish I could've stayed longer but my eye was all red and hurting (think some make up got into my eye, very unpleasant) and because of that I was late for the movie.

What movie?!?! Only like, one of the best Musicals IN THE WORLD. Phantom of the Opera was celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary by staging an AMAZING rendition of Phantom, and then filming it so that the rest of the world could enjoy.

I came out teary eyed and wanting to sing all the songs of phantom but my stupid flu was making my throat all phlegmy and my voice wasn't coming out right. Didn't want to risk it. URGHHHH.

When I get well I will sing ok. Whoever wants to hear please let me know, I will sing louder. LOL.

Came home and just watched the latest episode of Revenge. IT IS SO AWESOME. Yes, I know I owe pictures from the Singtel MioTV Launch but please go watch revenge I think it's creeping up to be one of the best drama's I've watched. Like ever.

So many questions that I want the scriptwriters to answer!!! It really keeps you on your toes!! :)

Eep it's already 2am. Wonder what Sunday and Monday has in store for me.
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