A Queen's Revenge.

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Had another interesting dream last night! This time, I am the 3rd person observer. Felt like I was watching a movie or something.

I wonder what it means when you interpret it. Hahah!

The King has a pretty wife but the wife is always jealous. She has reason to be. Her husband sleeps with her two twin sisters AND her cousin. Who are also beautiful and gorgeous. The King is in the midst of retiring, so he is imparting more and more control to his son, the Prince, as the days go by. The Queen is infuriated, she will never have the opportunity to rule the kingdom, and worse still, the Prince isn't her legitimate son.

One night, after she finishes talking to the King in their bedroom, he suddenly tells her that he's heading out for a while, and that she should sleep first. She knows what he's going to do, but she can't do anything about it. He leaves the room.

She tosses and turns on the bed. She can't take it anymore.

The next day, she confronts her stepsisters, who confess that the King did sneak into their bedrooms, and even summoned their cousin to join.

The Queen is heartbroken once again, turns to the side and sees a full length portrait of the Prince, and snaps.

She walks out of the castle, determined to find a way to kill the Prince, to get revenge on the King.


She travels to many countries, desperate to find any help to achieve her dream. Her face wrinkles over the passing of time. Fighting extreme temperatures while traveling through hot deserts and snow storms.

She is on a little boat, rowing at a steady, gentle pace when she notices a town, partially submerged in the water.

Another boat appears, heading straight towards her.

"Who goes there?" the man asks.

"Oh, I am just passing through." the Queen replied.

"You're under arrest."

"What?? Why?"

"Everyone and anyone who is seen walking around in this town will be arrested. It's the law."

The Queen is hoisted out of her boat onto the town's square. Just as her feet touch the ground, she hits the guards surrounding her and runs.

A group of policemen nearby charge after her as she runs into a yellow spiraling passageway heading downwards...

She keeps running until she sees another lady running in front of her. The Queen glances at the lady and recognizes her face. It is a distant relative!

As funny as this sounds, the two of them start chatting while they are running. The relative tells the Queen that they can take a shortcut towards her house so they manage to escape.

The relative informs the Queen that the people in this town hate everybody else and blames the royal family for the unusual disasters that have befallen them.

The Queen senses her chance and devises a plan to get the town on her side, to take revenge on the Prince.


And then I wake up. Whaaaa. This whole entire thing is in 2D, and the witch looks conspicuously like the evil woman in Rapunzel. Except with straight black hair instead of black frizzy hair.

Weird dream right! I was so busy yesterday that I could only finish this entry today.
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