As the semester is coming to an end..

7:59 PM claire 0 Comments

I hereby dub this semester as one of the top 3 worst semesters of my uni life. I haven't decided if it should be first, second or third but it's definitely up there.

Deadlines every week, people asking me out but I have to say I'm so sorry and they don't believe I am really that busy. Hello?! I know I only have 4 modules but 2 of them have no final exams and they all have projects okay! Except for japanese but that one requires consistent learning!

Side note, one month to europe! We are in the midst of booking our hotels! But haven't booked our flights yet. Gota do that tomorrow. Super important!

Friends are thinking of heading to Bali together, and I really want to hit up Thailand before I start work! Excited! Love travelling. They keep me sane.

If you guys are stressed too, hang in there :D
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