Why are you invading my dreams?

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I was in a library that I had not been to before.

I saw you, sitting downstairs (I was upstairs) with the same group of people. Everyone was studying. Everyone in the library was from our school. I just wanted to catch more glimpses of your face, I missed you so so much..

My legs moved before my brain could think. I was downstairs, talking to the people in the table beside you, just so that I could be the nearest to you as I could be.

You looked at me. I looked away.

I stopped talking to my friend, was too shy because our eyes met.

Went back upstairs to glimpse at you through potted plants, gaps between bookshelves, but you saw me through all of them.

You were getting fed up.

You walked up the stairs, I tried to hide but you found me. I had my back turned against you when you asked me to "STOP". I stopped. You knew just how to make me melt as always. You hugged me and turned me around.

"If you have something to say, just say it."

But I protested that I had nothing to say and took a few steps away from him.

He started talking about random things, about the overseas trip and how there were some problems, how the other people going had some difficulties, but then a glaring question filled my mind.

"Wait, so if so many of them have difficulties, who will be going overseas with you then?"

And he replied a reply that felt like I've received a gunshot wound to my heart. It was just him and another female companion.

My throat felt uncomfortable, my lip started to quiver a little.

I walked over to him, held his face in my hand and squeezed it, saying "Wow, lucky you then."

And ran away.

I ran downstairs, tears filling my eyes, thoughts of hatred and jealousy and sadness altogether. Feeling excruciating pain.

As I ran, two friends LazyBug and Monkey called out to me. "Hey! What're you doing in the library!"

I stopped, looked at them. They noticed my mood and said, "Lets go have some ice cream ok?"

And showed me to the direction of Marvelous Cream's ice cream queue.

Woke up.
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