Brother heads to Japan!

12:24 PM claire 0 Comments

As I've mentioned in my previous 2 blog posts, my bro is off to Japan to work! So I made this book thingie for him, got glue all over my hands (adhesive glue. The white one that glue-sniffers sniff. I think I have some brain damage).

Here's some sneak peaks! :D

I love this front cover!

Think I prefer the left page to the right page. Oh well. Reason for the white piece of paper was because the glue on the page behind was making the paper ugly. Had to cover it up. Had nothing to write on the white piece of paper so I stuck stickers.

Damnit I screwed up the right page :(

One of the pages, not going to show you all the pages Mwahaha.

But I will show you my personalized page which is decorated by yours truly! Hope you don't try to figure out my scrawls. I didn't use macro on purpose :P

Hope my brother has an awesome time!

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