DBSK and uh... Claire?

10:05 AM claire 2 Comments

Holy shit. I am going to be a bit late to give tuition again, but I really need to blog this out.

Guess what I dreamt of last night?! Ok wait, you can't guess because there will be like, a million and one options.

I dreamt, that I had my very own backup singers blabla, and we were singing AND dancing to...

(I hope you watched that in HD)
Holy shit. Yes, I repeated it. And in the middle of the song, instead of the rap, we went to grab some random DBSK guy and got him to do the dance too. I don't even know who the other dancers were, but all I remember was all of us dancing to it together. Urgh.

If you don't know who DBSK is, it's 'this korean boy band who sings japanese songs too.

I am so obsessed with japanese and korean stuff, I am actually dreaming about it. Woah.

If you want to watch a super good quality video of the dance (and meanwhile see hot korean people in the audience) at the Blue Dragon Film Awards (wth is that?) It's here. Watch HD ok.
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