C is for Claire.

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Today's topic for me to think about while I was bathing... why I want a Coach bag. Hmmm.

Because... C is for Coach! And the prominent symbol for Coach is the.. C! Which stands for Claire! Of course, there also IS a brand called claire's. But I when i checked out the stores, they don't have bags with the brand Claire written all over it. Bleh. Actually, some of Claire's stuff looks like it can be found in Thailand. Sad.

There is also... Chanel. But currently, since I am a poor measly student, I cannot afford to be decked in Chanel gear.

So Coach will have to do for now. But it is so common!! I see sooooo many office women carrying them! It is depressing! Since I want to be different, I will get...

A COACH KEYCHAIN. See, it has the brand name, and it isn't commonly used by office people.

Then... I will get a Hermes bag. Which is 15k. Which is not happening anytime soon.

I dream.. in the shower :P
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