The Life of an Intern.

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So the day starts at 8.30am, or sometimes 8.45am. Punch in, sit down, switch on the laptop, switch on stuff that you're supposed to work on... wear the blazer that is on my chair, start doing some work.

When nobody is looking, log into msn or meebo, greet the other interns that you know from other companies. Ie, Fay, Kuo Howe, Cherlyn, Alden. Talk to fellow Singaporeans at work who are the only sane people who would be awake at this hour, Ie Christine, Adam. And greet people who are on the other side of the world who may or may not be online Ie, Jimmy, Wong, Shane.

And continue doing work, meanwhile alt+tabbing to chat with friends.
Around 10 plus or 11 plus, I will make myself a cup of milk tea because it is a little cold. Sip the tea slowly while doing work...

At 12pm, my other colleagues, Iqbal, Leo, Johnny and Patrick will come over to the other room and whisper to us (or im us on msn -.- ) to complain that they are hungry and that we should go for lunch.

Sarah will say "ok 5 mins" Then 5 mins later they will come back and haunt us until we leave. Punch out. Walk to either:

1) This coffee shop with cheap mixed rice (damn nice curry chicken!!), also has duck rice, wanton mee, claypot rice, and fish sliced soup which always has a queue.

2) Nice but a little bit ex $3.80 Chicken rice

3) Really fatty duck rice.

4) Bak Kut Teh $5. But damn shiok. Pigs trotters damn pepper-y. I die after eating man. Need 2 cups of milo.


Omfg, Sarah and I realized just how near army market was yesterday. We spent like, 20 mins walking around the place, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the variety and how good everything looked.

Patrick bought fried kuay teow from this damn atas looking store with a long queue. It was really good! But the $3 and $4 no difference in quantity loh. Seriously.

In the end, I ate lemon chicken rice, which was damn nice and crispy because he fried it in front of me. And Sarah ate some noodle thingy which was nice too.

While we were walking around, I wanted to eat tang yuan, the barley ginko nuts dessert, waffles and to tapao muffins for everyone in the office.

After we finished our respective foods, we were so full, 3 of us shared one bowl of tang yuan.
WHICH WAS HOMEMADE AND BLOODY GOOD! It was sooo soft, and the peanuts literally oozed out. Omfg.

And we postponed the rest of the food to tomorrow. Which is today.

But we didn't go to the army market today.

Why? You ask. BECAUSE IT WAS RAINING!#<@$(*#$ And we forgot to bring umbrellas. It rained halfway through.

Damn depressed la, because of that, I can't quit yet because I am so desperate to try the waffles. They look AMAZING.

Yes, I am a foodie.

I have digressed. After lunch, return, punch in. A while later, all of us will start to feel sleepy...

Then I will make another milk tea for myself. And then... go to the toilet many times.

7pm I knock off, and punch out.

Highlight of the day: Lunch.

Boy, do i love lunch breaks.
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