Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo. Wow.

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Wow, Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton? Seriously? Actually... since both of them like attention AND money at the same time... I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.

I wonder how their babies will look like. I guess we might finally get to see how Paris Hilton's real nose looks like. Hmmm.

Did any of you know that I was once, crazy over Cristiano Ronaldo, one of those crazy girls gushing about how gorgeously hot he was...

And then I saw a picture of him dressed up in a suit, jeans... looking amazingly hot... and slippers. Bloody hell. He ruined the image I had of him.

That's how I started to get more sleep instead of staying up with my dad (his reasons for watching are of course, very different from mine) to watch soccer matches.

I didn't (and still don't know) a shit about football/soccer. No offense, not that I do not like the sport, just that I was watching it for the guys instead of the game. Especially when a certain C.R took off his shirt.

Instant nosebleed please!

Oh, and if you also check out that gossip site (which Sarah introduced to me, thanks babe.) You'll also see this post.

Paris Hilton is looking for BFF's around the world. Again. I have to admit, those shades look hot.
I will watch that reality series, because after Friday, I will be a very, very free girl.

Anyway, can you imagine what would happen if you became Paris Hilton's BFF? Holy shit. I can only imagine. Glued to her side, smiling for cameras, enjoying free passes to anywhere you go...

paparatzzi's following you everywhere..

hmmm. Tough choice.

Sarah gave me this website of her friend's ex-girlfriend's blog, and told me that she does nothing all day but travel. WTH?! She is a bum. And her parents supply her the money for it.

These kind of people exist in Singapore. Envious.

Off to lunch. Urgh. Hungry.
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